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- The new Perth Stadium will be open for the 2018 AFL season.

- A multi-purpose venue capable of hosting AFL, rugby, football (soccer), cricket and entertainment events.

- Initial 60,000 seat capacity.

- A ‘fans first’ approach to design and technology.

- An integrated public transport approach that includes rail, bus and pedestrian solutions.



- A multi-purpose Stadium accommodating AFL, cricket and entertainment events with drop-in seats adding flexibility to host rugby union and league, and soccer (football). Capability to host major events consistent with requirements for Commonwealth Games and international athletics.

- Designed to increase the seating capacity within the existing structure, adding up to 10,000 additional seats.

- The unique bronze façade uses anodised aluminium which reflects WA’s unique geology by day and, using state of the art LED lighting, home team colours by night.

- The seating bowl maximises the atmosphere, gives fans exceptional views and brings them close to the action, providing a special home ground advantage for our teams.

- The lightweight fabric roof covers 85% of seats and responds to Perth’s climatic conditions. At night, it will present a spectacular glowing halo effect.

- Start-of-the-art team facilities include flexible warm-up and recovery areas.


- The transport strategy ensures the safe and efficient movement of 83% of a capacity crowd within an hour of an event finishing.

- New infrastructure includes the six-platform Stadium Station and the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge.

- Special Event Bus Stands provide access to city car parks and areas not currently serviced by rail.


- The covered Community Arbour represents Noongar Community stories, linking the six-platform Stadium Station to the Swan River.

- The western section of the Precinct is home to an amphitheatre, two children’s playgrounds, picnic areas and a boardwalk.

- The Community Sporting Oval in the north is available for public use on non-event days, as well as providing event-day parking.

- The landscape design around the Precinct is inspired by the Indigenous six seasons, providing wind and shade protection.

- Integrated artwork throughout the Precinct recognises the ancestral homes of the 152 different language communities in Western Australia and the State’s rich sporting history.

- A network of walking and cycle tracks throughout the Precinct encourages seven day a week use.


- Future-proofed stadium technology will be provided, including full 4G Wi-Fi coverage across the Stadium and Sports Precinct.

- Two 240m² giant video screens are some of the largest in Australia and will use the latest technology when the Stadium opens in 2018.

- Over 1,000 TV screens are strategically located throughout the interior of the Stadium so fans never miss the action.

- A Children’s Activity Zone within the Stadium.

- Fans will be able to utilise more than 70 food and beverage outlets and still be able to view the action on the field.

- A buffet and a la carte restaurant over-looking the Swan River provide a destination for patrons both pre and post‑game plus on non-event days.

- The Stadium will include the widest range of seating and hospitality options of any stadia in Australia.

- Cup holders are included in every seat and seats themselves will be a minimum of 50cm wide, maximising comfort for fans.

- Fans requiring higher levels of support and accessibility have access to designated seating platforms across all seating tiers, parking spaces within the Sports Precinct and adult changing rooms that provide larger cubicles and additional facilities.



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Anyone got the master plan drawings that show the full development (were is shows the other fields for a Commonwealth game facilities) I've seen it at a few conferences but haven't seen it online yet.

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Long way away if they do bid....
2014 - Glasgow
2018 - Gold Coast
2022 - Likely to be in Durban, as the Comm Games has never been in Africa, although Edmonton have also submitted a bid
2026 - unlikely to come back to Australia so soon. Wales likely to bid (combined Cardiff/Swansea/Newport), as is Singapore and possibly Birmingham (as well as the loser from the 2022 race).
2030 - most likely first time that Australia could host again after Gold Coast.

Could bid for the IAAF World Athletics Championships at some point sooner than that - as these are held every other year and never hosted by Australia. 2015 is Beijing, 2017 is London, and Barcelona/Doha/Eugene for 2019. Thus Perth could potentially bid for 2021. However they would have to look at timing as they generally occur in August - within the AFL season - although they could maybe push it out to late Sept / Oct (or earlier and hope neither WA AFL team makes the finals!!!).

Also - as if there isn't enough sh*t slinging at the moment, Perth could have competition from these guys...

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f*ck the commonwealth games. Perth should go for the olympic games... with this stadium we could go for the 2024 or 28 olympics, and would be the perfect reason for high density apartments to be built on the peninsula to be used for the athelets and can then be onsold as affordable housing.

fierce buildings papi.
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yer nice one.

how about we try being comfortable as a city first...

meanwhile... something more realistic...

:siren: :discoduck: :siren: :siren: gay games! :siren: :discoduck: :siren: :siren:
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