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Timisoara (in deutch Temeschwar, in hungarian Temesvar, in serbian Temisvar) is the residence and the biggest city in Timis county, Banat, also, it's the fourth city like population from Romania.
The name of the city is coming from the Timis River, named by the romans in ancient times Tibisis or Tibiscus. it has a population(from the 2006 statistics) of 303.200 people and 336.089 people in metropolitan zone.
more informations in

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projects posted in the closed thread 'Romania projects &constructions':

Timisoara Business Centre

the first building is done.

“New Timisoara”

The residential district “New Timisoara” will become a very important part of the city, both because of the new functions it proposes and because of the interior organizational system and the offers of new flats. The apartments and the “loisir” places are situated close to the river Bega, so as to enjoy the advantages of running water nearby; in the central area, we’ll have flats and shopping centers and, on Take Ionescu, we’ll build offices and market places.

Near Bega, a new and expressive dwelling system will be created, in which the flat is built close to the nature, the water; there will be many playgrounds and gardens. All the buildings will have a ground floor, 4 floors and penthouses, underground parking lots.

In the central part of the district, the buildings will be made up of a ground floor and 7 floors; green areas will be arranged and trees will be planted. At the ground floor level, towards Bega some gardens and parks will be established and, towards Take Ionescu Avenue, we’ll arrange facilities, such as markets and other services.

In the near future, this avenue will be known as being the most important business area in the city, made up of a 50.000 mp tower of offices, a 5 stars hotel, other shopping and business centers. The major element of this new façade of the town is represented by the 45 floors construction, an offices tower, almost 200m high, which will be built in the N-W part of the district as well as the 5 stars hotel, the parks and shopping centers.

“The flats area”, towards Bega, and the “office area”, towards Take Ionescu, will be separated from the central area by streets along which trees will be planted, open spaces and artesian wells will be arranged, benches will be mounted, where people can sit and enjoy the view. Some playgrounds for the children will also be created.

The parking area will be established entirely underground so that grass plots be numerous. There will be created enough parking places for both inhabitants and possible guests.


In the near future, this avenue will be known as being the most important business area in the city, made up of a 50.000 mp tower of offices, a 5 stars hotel, other shopping and business centers. The major element of this new façade of the town is represented by the 45 floors construction, an offices tower, almost 200m high, which will be built in the N-W part of the district as well as the 5 stars hotel, the parks and shopping centers.

45 floors
Almost 200m high

The Block Of Flats “Victoria” U/C

The block of flats “Victoria” is the second type of tenement built in “NOUA TIMISOARA”. This building is meant to offer various types of apartments, with exterior openings through porches with attractive views. The design line integrates well with the surroundings through its height; it has a main floor plus eleven floors, while offering premium level comfort. A safety and convenience benefit is offered through the available underground parking. The tenement is placed on the southern side of the Take Ionescu Avenue, in an extremely advantageous position.
The 44 apartments are spacious and benefit from ultramodern finishes and furnishings. The tenement has a lift as well as access ramps for wheelchairs.

The Block Of Flats “Teodor” U/C

The construction consists of 3 sections shaped in the form of the letter “T”. It has a main floor plus 4 stories as well as a top floor with a penthouse. The building is overlooking the Bega River, thus giving each apartment a view towards the river and its natural surroundings. The tenement has a large basement used for parking. The staircase has two panoramic lifts as well as a naturally lit main stairway.

The Block Of Flats “Andrei”

The ANDREI edifice is the third structure which will be built in the “NOUA TIMISOARA” residential neighborhood.
ANDREI has gorgeous natural surroundings, modern green areas and is placed on the riverbank of the “Bega”; furthermore it has a modern architecture where the value of ample natural lighting, for the proposed apartments, marks the difference but above all, creates a pleasant and personalized environment.

*thanks to skyscrpr


Timisoara Residences


Retail and entertainment scheme (With an option to develop on the site approximately 20,000 sqm of new mixed retail, office and residental space adjacent to the shopping centre.)
Size: 71,000 sqm
Opening: 2009
Plaza share: 100
Project status: Planning stage


Iulius Mall extension, Residential development.

existing mall.

extension in the backside for the mall and residential buildings near it.

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shopping mall and a multipurpose building in Timisoara - 150 million euro project.

Location: Timisoara
Destination: a shopping mall and a multipurpose building, which comprises residential spaces, offices and a hotel
1st Stage consists in building the Shopping Mall (July 2007 - November 2009)
2nd Stage consists in building the offices and the residential area.
Parteners: Riofisa
Surface: 48,500 sqm
The estimated market value investment: €150 millions

The complex is in the immediate proximity of the Olimpia Sports Hall, the Business Centre of the Chamber of Commerce, the Politehnica Stadium and the students' campus.
The project will be modern in design and will incorporate the entire complex of the restored listed buildings of the Timisoara Abattoir, including the statuary group in front, into new, modern buildings, constructed with the latest technology and highest quality of materials.
About 20% of the total surface will be set aside for park areas with fountains, and the entire complex will have over 2,300 parking spaces.

*thanks to Sbz2ifc


residential project

the building is already done. these pics are from last spring i think.

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Timisoara Plaza Center

Compania israeliana Plaza Centers a crescut valoarea investitiei alocate unui proiect imobiliar pe care il va dezvolta in Timisoara de la 60 de milioane de euro la 100 de milioane de euro, dupa ce a decis ca, pe langa un centru comercial, sa construiasca si spatii rezidentiale si de birouri.

Plaza Centers a anuntat in luna martie ca a achizitionat un teren cu o suprafata de 31.800 de metri patrati in centrul Timisoarei, unde intentioneaza sa construiasca un centru comercial de circa 30.000 de metri patrati, investitiile preconizate fiind de 60 milioane euro.

Pe langa centrul comercial, exista posibilitatea dezvoltarii unui alt proiect de circa 20.000 de metri patrati care sa cuprinda spatii comerciale, birouri si locuinte.

Lucrarile de dezvoltare ale proiectului sunt programate sa inceapa la sfarsitul anului 2007, iar inaugurarea centrului comercial va avea loc la mijlocul anului 2009.

Centrul comercial va include un hypermarket, 12 sali de cinema, restaurante, magazine de incaltaminte, imbracaminte, bijuterii, cosmetice, articole sportive, etc.
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Extindere Iulius Mall
Iulius Mall Timişoara intră într-un proces de extindere, în urma căruia suprafaţa se va mari de la 83.000 mp la aproximativ 173.000 mp, transmite corespondentul AMOS News.

La finalul investiţiei care va demara din toamnă, iar extinderea mall-ului va aduce în premieră pentru partea de vest a ţării peste 50 de operatori importanţi din retail şi entertainment. "Noua investiţie demarată la Iulius Mall Timişoara face parte din programul nostru de consolidare a unui proiect care a ajuns la faza de maturizare", susţine Iulian Dascălu, preşedintele Iulius Group.

Lucrările de extindere vor fi finalizate în anul 2008. Corpul de clădire nou creat va fi compus dintr-o parcare subterană care va suplimenta cu încă 1000 numărul locurilor de parcare deja existente la Iulius Mall Timişoara. Un nivel întreg, aproximativ 15.000 de metri pătraţi, va fi ocupat de către Auchan, una dintre cele mai importante companii de retail din lume, cu aproape 400 de hipermarketuri deschise în 12 ţări.

"Restul spaţiilor disponibile vor fi alocate pentru magazine tip department store ale unor companii internaţionale foarte cunoscute, care şi-au făcut recent intrarea sau abia urmează să intre pe piaţa românească", a mai spus Dascălu. În acest moment se pregăteşte deschiderea, în luna noiembrie a.c., a celor 7 săli de cinema sub marca CinemaCity.

Iulius Mall Timişoara are un trafic lunar de aproximativ 840.000 de vizitatori. Investiţia iniţială în acest proiect a fost de 45 de milioane de euro, însă noile proiecte care vor fi dezvoltate în cadrul Iulius Mall Timişoara vor dubla suma iniţială.
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Tresor Business Centre

Tresor Business Centre se preteaza activitatilor specifice muncii de birou, dar corespunde si cerintelor desfasurarii afacerilor comerciale, oferind posibilitatea diverselor companii sa realizeze n cadrul cladirii un complex unitar, un mediu prosper pentru business-ul timisorean.
In acest sens, Tresor Business Centre care se va desfasura pe 3.900 mp va incorpora subsolul cu 22 de locuri de parcare, parterul si etajul 1 care sunt destinate spatiilor comerciale (pentru inchiriere) si etajele 2 - 8 prevazute pentru spatii de birouri. Cladirea de beton si sticla, cu o imagine arhitecturala speciala, va dispune de finisaje de calitate superioara, beneficiind de instalatii de ncalzire si alimentare cu apa realizate de specialisti germani. Dotarile care tin de sistemele de ventilare si comunicare corespund unor parametri tehnici superiori si sunt asigurate cu utilaje de la firmele de top din domeniile date. Birourile luminoase si spatiile bine compartimentate te indeamna sa generezi idei, sa actionezi si sa conduci.

Cladirea e in constructie pe Calea Aradului.
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AGN Business Centre

Noul proiect imobiliar A.G.N. Business Centre vine în întâmpinarea cererii de spaţii de birouri de clasa “A” de pe piaţa timişoreană, răspunzând provocării prin clădirea de birouri amplasată într-o locaţie excelentă, în zona business a oraşului, o structură cu o imagine deosebită, modernă şi funcţională, făcând din acest proiect aşa numitul “turn down town” ce se regăseşte în marile metropole occidentale sau americane.Designul ultramodern al A.G.N. Business Centre întregeşte tabloul arhitectural al oraşului, alăturându-se vastului patrimoniu al celui de-al doilea pol cultural din ţară, Timişoara.

A.G.N. Business Centre, prin amplasare şi vecinătăţi, conferă oricărui client privilegiul şi mândria de a se afla în cel mai valoros birou din oraş. Amplasat la 200 de metri de Zona 0 a oraşului şi în apropierea centrului comercial Iulius Mall şi a Centrului Bancar, A.G.N. Business Centre beneficiază de toate avantajele unei locaţii ultracentrale. Zona 0 a oraşului este un important nod al căilor de acces, deservită de multiple mijloace de transport pentru un acces cât mai facil şi rapid, spre orice punct de interes. A.G.N. Business Centre, un adevărat centru economic în devenire, va reuni sub acelaşi acoperiş firme de renume, naţionale şi internaţionale. O structură futuristă, ce respectă cerinţele segmentului premium.

Cu o suprafaţă totală de 7891,37 metri pătraţi şi o suprafaţă utilă de 5.481,87 metri pătraţi, clădirea va reuni sub un singur acoperiş sedii bancare, servicii, un restaurant de lux situat la primul etaj, precum şi zone de relaxare oferite de terasele situate la nivelul etajului 7.
Cladirea se construieste la intrarea in parcarea Iulius Mall.

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Blue Sys Business Center is located in Timisoara at 56, "Stefan cel Mare" Boulevard, in the Western part of the city. Close to its position, there are four of the most important access roads in Timisoara: "Stefan cel Mare" Boulevard, "Eroilor de la Tisa" Boulevard, "St. O. Iosif" Street, "Calea Buziasului" Main Road.
Thus, the Blue Sys Business Center is located on the inner ring of Timisoara, at about: approximately 2,5 km away from the City Cathedral (downtown), 2 km away from the Banking City Center, 5 km away from "Traian Vuia" International Airport.

Blue Sys Business Center is a flexible structure of showrooms and offices with three different access doors. This offers a complete independence for the spaces. The business center has two building blocks, connected through a transparent glass wall guarded on both sides by two twin glass stairs.

pozele proiectului BlyeSys

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Cladirea e pe Bv. Cetatii. E gata constructia:)
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Infotim Business Center

Infotim Business Center este noul centru de afaceri clasa A, care s-a deschis în Timisoara in 2004.

Amplasata ultracentral, la doar 200 m de km. 0 al orasului, noua cladire de birouri realizata prin reabilitarea si renovarea unei cladiri existente, se ridica la standarde occidentale.

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Timisoara Airport Park

Compania de investiţii imobiliare SEE Real Estate va investi, în următorii doi ani, peste 47 de milioane de euro pentru amenajarea unui parc logistic în apropiere de aeroportul din Timişoara.

Costurile pentru cumpărarea terenului de 26 de hectare pentru proiect s-au ridicat la 5,4 milioane de euro, a anunţat compania. Timişoara Airport Park va include cel puţin trei depozite, fiecare cu o suprafaţă de 30.000 mp, iar în cazul unei cereri mai mari, compania va oferi clienţilor şi alte spaţii alternative.

„Parcul are un amplasament fără concurenţă din punct de vedere al legăturilor rutiere şi aeriene, al standardelor de construcţie şi al dotărilor. Ţinând cont de profilul pieţei, ne aşteptăm la un nivel al cererii similar cu cel înregistrat de proiecte de succes din Bucureşti”, a apreciat directorul executiv al SEE Real Estate, Oliver Schenk.

Reprezentanţii companiei au menţionat că, având în vedere apropierea de aeroport, proiectul prevede şi amenajarea a două clădiri de birouri clasa A, cu câte trei etaje, a căror amenajare ar ridica valoarea totală a investiţiei la 67 milioane euro şi randamentul de la 17% la 19%.
Timişoara Airport Park is a planned logistic park in Timişoara, Western Romania. The city has 330.000 inhabitants, and is thus the third largest city in Romania. There is already a strong settlement of foreign
companies regionally. The site of the Airport Park is close to Timişoara’s airport and directly at the four lane city ring road (under construction) and close to the planned four lane highway Hungary – Bucharest.
The planning for the motorway Hungary – Timişoara – central Romania – Bucharest is not yet completely finished. Alternative 1 envisages
an approach in a distance of 900m to the western end of the location. Alternative 2 envisages an approach in a distance of 5 km. The completion of the motorway in this sector is planned for 2013.
The terminal of the international airport Timişoara Traian Vuia is located 2,6 km away from the western end of the location. After completion of the ring road next year the approximated time of travel is 6 minutes.
In September 2007, the regional council certified the PUZ (urbanistic plan) for the project. The object is planned to be built in a flexible three stage construction process. In a first phase of construction, one module including a logistic building of around 36.000 sqms shall be built. Within the building, offices of around 7.200 sqms are planned to be built.

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Timisoara Shopping City



The site is located approximately 4km north of Timisoara at the intersection of the main northern highway (E671/DN79) and Timisoara’s future ring road which is currently under construction). The DN79 is the main road from Timisoara north towards the western Romanian cities of Arad and Oradea. Being the capital city of Timis County, Timisoara has a population of approximately 400,000 and is located in the North West of Romania close to the border with Hungary and Serbia. The city is considered to be one of the most important in Romania and has seen a large amount of inward investment in recent years including large multinational companies such as Procter and Gamble and Nestle.


The site is to be redeveloped to accommodate approximately 30,000m² of retail premises for a range of potential uses including DIY, Funirture, Food, Electronics, Sports, Fashion and anciliary trade and leisure uses. The immediate area is starting to establish itself as the main out of town retail area with a wide range of occupiers committing to the area including Baumax and Kika. The area will be further enhanced given the proximity to the new ring road and the major intersection with the Arad Road as well as large development projects due to be undertaken on adjoining sites and land In light of the establishment of a number of new retailers in the locality and further development, the area is expected to draw customers from the city capitalizing on potential purchasing power.
Q4 2009
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LOG Center

Immoeast si Eyemaxx investesc 40 mil euro pentru parcul logistic Log Center Timisoara
Fondul austriac Immoeast va invesi, in colaborare cu compania imobiliara Eyemaxx, aproximativ 40 de milioane de euro pentru constructia parcului industrial Log Center din Timisoara, a anuntat joi, intr-un comunicat, compania de servicii imobiliare Colliers" class='linkuri'>Colliers.

Log Center va fi amplasat in apropiere de aeroportul din Timisoara, la zece kilometri in afara orasului si va avea o suprafata construita de peste 60.000 de metri patrati, urmand ca lucrarile sa se deruleze in doua etape, se arata in comunicatul Colliers.
"Proiectul va fi construit pe o suprafata de teren de 12 hectare. Spatiul de depozitare va fi de circa 51.000 metri patrati, in timp ce pentru zona de birouri au fost alocati 11.000 de metri patrati", a declarat directorul diviziei industrial al Colliers, Gabriel Chimisliu.

Prima faza a Log Centere presupune amenajarea unei suprafate de 18.000 de metri patrati de spatii de depozitare si 3.700 de metri patrati de spatii de birouri clasa A cu 120 de locuri de parcare se afla in constructie si va fi finalizata in acest an, in timp ce finalizarea intregului proiect este prevazuta pentru 2008.

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Au fost demarate lucrarile de extindere a Iulius Mall Timisoara

Compania Iulius Group va investi 45 de milioane de euro pentru extinderea centrului comercial Iulius Mall Timisoara si mizeaza ca cifra de vanzari anuala va creste de la 160 (estimat pentru 2008) la 250 de milioane de euro in 2009, potrivit reprezentantilor companiei.Lucrarile de extindere ale Iulius Mall Timisoara au fost incepute din toamna anului trecut, timp in care s-a lucrat la eliberarea terenului de utilitati sau stramutarea acestora pe alte pozitii. Pana la sfarsitul acestei luni, majoritatea lucrarilor privind infrastructura noilor componente ale complexului vor fi deja finalizate. "Practic, se lucreaza in paralel la doua proiecte: extinderea Iulius Mall si constructia ansamblului rezidential Saphir", a declarat directorul Iulius Mall Timisoara, Florin Dumitrescu, citat de NewsIn.

In prezent, Iulius Mall Timisoara are o suprafata totala de 83.000 de metri patrati, insa la finalul lucrarilor aceasta se va ridica la 177.613 metri patrati. Cei 94.613 metri patrati care vor forma noul corp al Iulius Mall vor fi structurati pe cinci niveluri. Doua dintre niveluri sunt rezervate parcarii acoperite de 1000 de locuri. Un alt nivel, respectiv 14.000 de metri patrati, este deja inchiriat companiei Auchan, care isi va deschide aici primul hipermarket din partea de vest a tarii.

Alti 3.000 de metri patrati sunt destinati pentru Food Court care va avea 1.700 de locuri. Restul suprafetelor vor fi folosite pentru a aduce in premiera in Timisoara retaileri nationali si internationali. Prima confirmare a venit din partea Inditex care va deschide in Iulius Mall Timisoara cinci magazine: Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Oysho si Stradivarius.

Publicitate pe acest site

Nu rata:

Auchan si Bricostore vin la Iulius Mall Suceava
Piata locala ramane subdezvoltata din punctul de vedere al spatiilor comerciale moderne
DTZ Echinox si Red Management incep vanzarile ansamblului Arena Residential

Ca obiective la finalizarea noii constructii, Iulius Mall Timisoara si-a propus ridicarea traficului anual de la 9,8 milioane, cat este in prezent, la 12 milioane de clienti, iar cifra de vanzari anuala va creste de la 160 (estimat pentru 2008) la 250 de milioane de Euro in 2009.

Pentru extinderea Iulius Mall Timisoara, compania va investi 45 de milioane de euro, iar suma nu include si investitiile pe care Iulius Group le face in ansamblul rezidential „Saphir”, aflat in imediata apropiere a IuliusMall Timisoara. Complexul rezidential a existat inca de la inceput in planurile companiei, iar acum timisorenii au posibilitatea sa opteze pentru unul dintre cele 273 de apartamente care vor fi construite.

Iulius Group va definitiva intreg proiectul de extindere al IuliusMall Timisoara in primavara anului 2009.

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is this feazable ? :eek:hno: I believe personal opinion .. Thanks
^^ Iulius did the same with their first mall in Iasi
Iulius Mall Extension

it is feazable:)they started the construction and the extension fits perfectly:D

Planul urbanistic de detaliu:D

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Iulius Mall Timisoara is, in my oppinion, one of the best projects of its kind in Romania.
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