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yes no need for a north coast specific retail thread. better off posting in NSW shopping centre thread. but i did change title to north coast projects as ive always wanted to start one. The central Coast doesnt go up far enough.
hope ok bsd

what towns can we cover in this thread?

Coffs harbour
Nambucca heads
Taylors Arm

Hawks nest
Hallidays point
Old Bar

Grassy head
Lake cathie
Port Macquarie
SouthWest Rocks

Byron bay
Grafton maclean
Minnie Water
Tweed Heads


futher north to border


Nice holiday spot 300km north of sydney. Im going there next week for a week. just a little hol plus surf champs. should be fun.

very picturesque town

more highrise then i thought. many highrise uc, a few 10storey projects. Some great designs
heres some highrise

11storey STRAND


11storey CREST (OPENS DEC)


9 storey


new 10storey twin pines

uc NORTHPOINT 10storey

UC 10storey COVE



8 storey

8 storey

10storey SUNRISE

new hotel

weird bridge connects the twin towns

nice little skyline!
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Wow this place looks really good and I've never even heard of it before. Pretty impressive.
It's a great little place. I spent some time there studying the sediment dynamics of the river bed back in 1998. We set up on the little sand bar you see in the far side of the bridge in the photo below and had about 20 minutes to pack up the $100000's worth of computer equipment when the tide went up again. :)

I had no idea of its size until I saw it for myself. Lots of 5+ storey apartment buildings. If only more beaches in Sydney were like this!
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Remember going up there for the first time when I was 12 or so, was really impressed then, and great to see a lot of new stuff going up there. Forster also has a reasonably nice main street as far as I recall, and the city as a whole a huge amount of potential.
i juts checked out the Great lakes council planning/development schemes controls and the township has a height limit of 10storeys or 35m. bummer.
my family had a holiday home there as a kid. Didn't notice too many big buildings then (15 years ago), great to see how well the place is developing.
You're going there for a whole week? It's a weekend place, there isn't much to do, but I guess it'd be okay to relax, but I'd go out of my brain there for a whole week.
im up here now holidaying in sunny forster. gorgeous. the weather has come good. there is alot of bldg activity up here. i counted atleast 20 x 10storey bldgs.also lots of cranes.
really nice spot. i can imagine how crowded it would be at Xmas.
another 6 weeks and im back up for a small holiday again.bit of leisure,bit of surf carnival. cant wait. alot of highrise will be finished now that were uc. must get some more piccies.
forming a nice little town.cant wait to get up there again in sept.

bit of harrys influence?
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Wow I am surprised just how big some of them look.
No nimby set in Forster then, or is the council just prepared to make the tough decisions? Damn! In Perth the coastal residents are fighting like nobodies business on anything over five storeys, and in some places like Cottesloe they want the limit to be three storeys only.
^ it's always been a holiday resort town so most people there know this and have lived with it for a long time. there's quite a few sea-changers living up there now and golf course living all over the place. there's still nimbys, they are everywhere.
Unit development on hold

23 May 2007

Unit development on hold
Jason Parker

THE possibility of squirrel gliders and micro-bats living in a hollow bearing tree on the site of a planned industrial unit development in Kularoo Dr, Forster has become a source of contention.
Calcorp Pty Ltd first lodged a development application for the site, which takes in 17 to 29 Kularoo Dr (in the north western corner of Kularoo Drive near the Boronia Park playing fields) on September 27 last year. Since then Great Lakes Council has sought a number of reports and management plans in relation to the proposed construction of 10, two-storey factory units.

With the required reports submitted, council's acting director of planning, Wayne Burgess recommended to the recent Development Control Unit meeting that deferred commencement consent be granted subject to three conditions and a further 55 conditions.

However the applicant, Robert Calvert was successful with his request to council for a deferred determination of the development application, pending a review of five conditions.

Foremost among the conditions to be reviewed is that, "the applicant shall commission an appropriately trained, licensed and experienced ecological consultant to conduct a pre-clearing survey prior to the removal of the hollow-bearing tree from the land."

Council has sought the survey to establish whether squirrel gliders and micro-bats occupy the hollow tree on the land.

Should the stag-watching and ultrasonic bat call detection survey within a 30-metre radius of the hollow bearing tree establish the tree is occupied, measures to appropriately manage the tree will then need to be determined and documented in a draft report to council.

The condition also requires that in the event that a roost site is identified and suspected to be a maternity colony for micro-chiropteran bats (small, insectivorous bats), further investigation shall be conducted through the use of an infra-red lipstick camera system. If the site is then found to be a bat maternity colony or squirrel gliders occupy the hollow, clearing activities are to cease until after the breeding has been completed and the nest site vacated.

In total the development would result in the removal of 41 mature trees, including the hollow bearing tree on the 4820.5 square metre (0.5 hectare) site.

Other conditions to be reviewed are:

o the required width of two disabled car spaces,

o a requirement that external materials be non reflective and the colour of the roof be approved by council,

o the need for street trees to be planted at 6m intervals within the nature strip along the property frontage and:

o that a minimum of two bicycle parking spaces be provided near the front entrance to each building.
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Highrise hopes up again in Head Street
06 June 2007

ON THE UP AND UP: This modern looking $4.35m 10-storey highrise has been proposed for Head St, Forster.

ANOTHER highrise has been mooted to hit Head Street, Forster.
A development application for the $4.35m modern looking 10-storey residential flat building was recently lodged with Great Lakes Council by the Sydney-based Aleksandar Design Group, which was also responsible for the proposed highrise's neighbour, Shores.

The proposed highrise will be located between the existing eight-storey Pinnacle apartment building and the 11-storey apartment building, Shores.

It will contain 23 serviced apartments including a mix of one, two and three bedroom units, as well as a rooftop swimming pool, games room/gym and barbecue area, and two basement carparks containing a total of 32 car parking spaces.

As part of the development the current building located on the site, the local backpackers hostel Forster Dolphin Lodge will be demolished.

Due to the development's close proximity to two already existing highrises on either side, the applicant is seeking concessions to some council codes for the development to be built.

"They (the applicant) are seeking concessions to our Tall Buildings Development Control Plan (DCP)," Council's development assessment manager Wayne Burgess confirmed.

"As a 10-storey building the development requires a site area of 1500sqm, however they are asking for approval on a 1100sqm block of land, which means they are 400sqm short.

"They're also asking for a concession on the DCP under the floor space ratio which they want to exceed, and they are seeking a concession on the minimum site boundary setbacks which they want to encroach on."

Mr Burgess said these concessions were being asked for because of the limited amount of land available on the site.

"They (the applicant) can't increase the floor area more than it already is and they can't expand or consolidate with their neighbours because there are substantial buildings on either side," Mr Burgess conceded.

Mr Burgess said council is currently reviewing its Tall Buildings DCP and because of this it has referred the development application to its consultants City Plan Services in Sydney for assessment.

"This is to see if it (the development) fits in with what we are proposing to do (with the Tall Buildings DCP)," Mr Burgess said.

As well as council approval the application will require the approval of the Department of Planning and the Department of Natural Resources before it can go ahead.

The development is expected to come before a council meeting in July.
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cool, nice project. be intresting to see if council allows 10storeys with not enough fsr.
Thats quality. Why aren't we seeing more towers like this in our suburbs?
Sounds like an out of control holiday place! I hope the guy never walks properly again!!

Party over: woman attacked

A WOMAN who went to complain about the noise coming from an all-night party at the back of Forster's Cabarita Ave was followed back to her home by a group of party goers in the early hours of yesterday morning and had her front glass door kicked in and property stolen from her home.
The man who kicked in the glass door suffered serious leg lacerations and was carried away from the scene by his fellow attackers.

He was yesterday undergoing surgery at Manning Referral Hospital to repair nerve and tendon damage.

The woman, who lives in the vicinity of Curlew Cl and Cross Sts, had become increasingly frustrated with the noise of the party.

One male resident from the same area who contacted the Advocate yesterday said the noisy partying had been going on for days.

Yesterday the woman was assisting police with their enquiries and officers were preparing to search a number of homes in the vicinity looking for evidence of the thefts and malicious damage to the woman's home.

This incident follows a number of bag snatches in the area.

Police said they are following a line of enquiry which could link the bag snatches to the disturbances of the past few days and yesterday morning's violent confrontation.

An 80-year-old woman, accompanied by two elderly friends, was returning to her vehicle in the Club Forster car park at 7.25pm Monday when she had her handbag snatched from her by a young male in a hooded top.

The bag contained a substantial amount of cash.

Also on Monday night, some time after 9.30pm, a handbag containing cash and a mobile phone was stolen from a residence in The Ridge after the screen of a rear second-storey window was removed.

And again on Monday night a young male in a hooded top was disturbed in the rear yard of an Akala Ave home.

A female resident had gone outside at about 10.30pm to have a cigarette and disturbed the youth who fled empty handed.

These recent incidents follow a number of other bag snatches in past weeks with elderly residents a particular target.

On August 15 two women in their 70s had left the Anglican Church in St Alban Pl (off Strand St) and were standing outside chatting at 6.20pm when two men approached them.

One tussled with a woman holding a calico bag, ripping it open and causing a cut on her hand while the other targeted the second woman and made off with her briefcase containing a substantial amount of cash.

Later on the same night an even greater amount of cash was stolen in a similar manner.

An elderly couple leaving the Forster Bowling Club were ambushed by two men as they got into their car parked in Strand St.

The 58-year-old woman placed her handbag on the front passenger seat as her partner assisted her into the driver's seat.

The thieves then snatched the bag and the elderly male chased them towards Cabarita Ave but was unable to retrieve the bag.

Inspector Andrew Clarke from the Manning Great Lakes Area Command warns elderly people not to carry a great deal of cash, particularly at night.

"If they have a substantial amount of cash maybe they could give it to a younger person or relative who will be less of a target or more likely to fend off an attacker," he suggested.
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Here's some of Forster-Tuncurry's highs that either haven't been put in this thread yet, are new, or their link has dropped off -



"SUNRISE" (In Tuncurry)















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thanks lance. the annual long weekend trip up to Forster is coming up. i love staying up there with family and friends for a week. we have the first surf carnival for the season.ill make sure ill grb some pix of any new projects.
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