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Appeal for shire to be exempted permanently from state medium density housing code

September 30 2019
Murray Trembath

Planning Minister Rob Stokes is poised to make a decision that could have a big impact on the bushy character of Sutherland Shire.

The shire's temporary exemption from the government's Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code is due to end on October 31.

Mr Stokes will decide whether to enforce the code or grant Sutherland Shire Council's request for a permanent exemption or shire-specific amendments.
He will be guided by the report of an independent review, chaired by Professor Roberta Ryan.

The council has warned the code will lead to "excessive" development and the government risks "a community backlash".

Sutherland Shire is one of only a few council areas where medium density housing is permitted in R2 zones.

The council considered banning it from R2 zones, but concluded the move would limit housing choice.

Under the code, townhouses, dual occupancies, manor houses (small flat buildings with three to four units) and multiple dwellings (terraces) is complying development in low density R2 and R3 zones.

Developers don't need to lodge a development application or notify neighbours as long as they meet the specifications in the code.

The council, which has been firmly opposed the code since it was first proposed three years ago, has made a final appeal for permanent exemption in a submission to the independent review.

State MPs in the shire have been asked to support the plea.

The council said the code would allow much greater density than is permitted by the 2015 local environmental plan (LEP).

The council said developments would cover a larger area of building sites, intrude more on the privacy of neighbouring properties and reduce opportunities for planting trees, affecting the highly valued tree canopy.

"LEP 2015 permits both dual occupancy and multi-unit dwellings to a maximum floor space ratio (FSR) of 0.55:1, with a landscaped area of 35 per cent," the submission said.

"However, for a fairly standard 600 square metre block, the code allows a FSR of 0.75:1, coupled with a much reduced landscape area."

"Recently completed development in reality is quite dense and stands in stark contrast to neighbourhood development.

"Increasing density to 0.75:1 is simply excessive in our local context and risks community backlash to infill housing.

"In relation to dual occupancies in particular, this will deliver two very large, high value dwellings in each case, which will not add to housing diversity in the R2 zone where large dwellings already prevail."

The council said the code would do away with the present limitation on two storey development to no more than 60 per cent of the depth of a lot.

The code would also allow floor levels to 1.3 metres above natural ground, with associated privacy and bulk and scale impacts.

"The blanket application of the code and 'one size fits all' development provisions do not address the differing residential characters throughout Sydney," the submission said.

The council said residents had made it clear they valued the tree canopy and remnant bushland of the region.

"It provides links to the national parks and bushland reserves, and helps create a unique sense of place where residents are connected to nature," the council said.

"Remnant trees and canopy are invariably lost when low density single dwellings are redeveloped as dual occupancy or multi dwellings.

"The code will reduce opportunity for canopy planting by reducing rear setbacks to three metres and only requiring 25 per cent of a frontage to be landscaped.

"This will simply leave too little space with deep soil to achieve trees capable of offsetting the scale of development and providing canopy.

"The outcome will erode local neighbourhood character and the many benefits of urban tree canopy.'

The submission said the shire community was "experiencing erosion of amenity as congestion on the state road and rail networks grows".

"Our community is also growing increasingly concerned about the pace of change and the impacts of increased density locally, which is expressed as visual intrusion of building bulks and privacy impacts, tree loss and change to streetscape character," the council said.


Sutherland Shire is "comfortably" meeting the housing target set by the state government.

The council said the Department of Planning had argued the code was necessary to deliver medium density housing.

However, as the 2015 LEP was delivering housing diversity, with a strong supply of medium density development, the code was not necessary.

A table was provided, showing since 2016-16, nearly 7000 new dwellings were approved across the shire, with another 1408 dwellings pending determination.

"Over 30 per cent of these are dual occupancies, townhouses and secondary dwellings located in low density residential zones," the submission said.

"Council will comfortably meet the 2016-2021 housing target set by the South District Plan of 5200 dwelling completions.

"It is considered premature to introduce the code before council has had an opportunity to complete its next round of strategic planning."
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Views over Shark Park from new commercial suites in Woolooware Bay Town Centre

October 9 2019
Murray trembath

The final piece of the Woolooware Bay Town Centre masterplan has been revealed with the release of 12 executive commercial suites.

Some suites overlook the Sharks' home ground, while others have sweeping views over Woolooware Golf Club.

They occupy levels two and three of a building next to the south-eastern corner of PointsBet Stadium.

Above the suites are a 71-key hotel / serviced apartments and residential apartments, while a childcare centre is below on the first level.

Developer Aoyuan International subsidiary Capital Bluestone, announced the release of the "unique workspace for local businesses starved for choice".

The suites, which range in size from 37 square metres to 77 square metres, are expected to be available from 2022.

Starting from $495,000, they include private kitchenettes, shared male and female bathrooms, high speed NBN, air conditioning and carpet throughout.

Each suite includes secure parking access to 770 allocated visitor parking spaces within the shopping centre.

Project director Matt Crews said the release was "the final piece in the grand vision for Woolooware Bay, completing the integrated urban masterplan for the 10-hectare site".

"Woolooware Bay has already provided a very popular, new residential community lifestyle for this area, and will soon welcome the shopping centre and new club facilities," he said.

"The addition of commercial space, which offers a unique environment for local businesses, rounds out the town centre story.

"All suites have been designed with full-length windows to draw in natural light to the open plan designs."

Mr Crews said a range of businesses, such as marketing companies and real estate agencies, had already taken space in the first stage of Woolooware Bay, and he expected that the latest offering would attract similar interest.

"These are high-profile suites, with great, unmatched views, located within the heart of the town centre and offering businesses access to the buzz of the retail, dining and club environment,' he said.

"That's a very enticing combination. We are already fielding strong interest and expect they will sell quickly."

Highland Commercial Property agent Casey Allison said there was "nothing like" the new commercial suites in Sutherland Shire.

"While the demand for high-end workspace is increasingly high, the options are becoming limited for businesses looking to locate here," she said.
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A brilliant sales result for the second penthouse in the Ozone development:

Ozone development at Cronulla undergoes redesign as second penthouse sells for $7.5M

October 11 2019 - 12:00PM
Murray Trembath

The luxury Ozone apartment development at Cronulla has been redesigned in response to feedback from prospective buyers.

Agent Colliers International revealed the changes while announcing the second of two penthouses had been sold for $7.5 million.

The price is the same as that paid a year ago for the first of the two penthouses, which at that time was a record for Cronulla.

The Land and Environment Court approved modified plans for the nine-storey project in April this year.

Colliers International director of project marketing residential Ian Bennett said sales were put on hold until the development application was approved.

"We didn't put it back on the market until we came up with a redesign, which had to be approved by the council," he said.

"The changes were basically a response to market feedback.

"Improvements have been made to the front facade and internal layout of units from ground level to level five.

"These are levels with restricted views to the water.

"The designs are more efficient and unit sizes have been reduced, with a corresponding reduction in price."

Mr Bennett said total sales for Ozone had reached $30 million, including $12.5 million in the last week after the redesign was unveiled.

Mr Bennett said the second penthouse was sold to a Sutherland Shire downsizer.

The first penthouse was purchased by Malcolm and Sue Greer, who have lived in Taren Point for 45 years, most recently in a large architect designed waterfront property they built in 2012.

They said the penthouse matched their downsizing needs.

Mr Bennett said there was continuing strength at the upper end of the market.

"Cronulla has grown increasingly popular with those looking to downsize from their large family homes," he said.

Mr Bennett said the average annual capital growth for Cronulla properties was 7.86 per cent for houses and 7.55 per cent for units.
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Update on 37 Gerrale Street:

Cronulla apartment owners reap $38.2m

Nick Lenaghan
Property Editor

Oct 23, 2019

The 30 individual owners of two blocks of flats on the Cronulla beachfront in Sydney united to sell their apartments in one line for $38.2 million.

The two, three-storey red-brick residential buildings at 37 Gerrale Street, Cronulla were bought by Pitt Street Real Estate Partners, a subsidiary of Washington H. Soul Pattinson.

The 1950-built flats are on a rectangular block with additional street frontages to Surf Road and Surf Lane. The 1746-square-metre site is zoned B3 commercial core.

JLL’s Dylan McEvoy and Ben Hunter brokered the sale, the latest in a string of such deals in Sydney.

“37 Gerrale Street is billed as one of the best development opportunities in the Sutherland Shire’s coastal lifestyle capital," Mr McEvoy said.

"We are witnessing a renewed willingness from developers who are expressing a preference for well-located sites in strong demographic areas such as Cronulla.

“Cronulla is a well-established residential market, which has experienced restricted supply of new projects being built, this combined with a large and affluent population like the shire has ensured premium real estate offers are in high demand.”

The 30 two-bedroom apartments generate a holding income of more than $700,000 gross annually.

Mr Hunter said that over the past 12 months there had been a change in appetite from offshore to local buyers of premium development sites.

Recent deals in entire apartments blocks in Sydney include the $5 million sale of a block of seven units at 686 Old South Head Road in Rose Bay to a private, high net worth family from Dover Heights.

A block of five units at 70 Blair Street in North Bondi also changed hands for $5.75 million. The buyer was an offshore family based in Hong Kong.

In February 2017, Mr McEvoy managed the $54 million combined sale of four other blocks of flats in Gerrale Street.

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Plans for 21-storey hotel at northern end of Cronulla CBD yet to advance

October 29 2019
Murray Trembath
Local News

Artist's impression of a 21-storey hotel at the Kingsway end of the CBD, between Croydon Street and Abel Place.

Plans for another hotel development at Cronulla, which were unveiled about a year ago, have not advanced significantly.

The proposal, which was outlined to Chamber of Commerce members at a meeting at the Cronulla RSL Club, is for a 21-storey building at the Kingsway end of the CBD, between Croydon Street and Abel Place.

The area was identified as a Strategic Site for potential major development in a consultant's report to Sutherland Shire Council by a consultant in 2016.

It is understood the developer has yet to amalgamate all the required properties and is involved in legal proceedings over the purchase of a small parcel of council land.

Council sources say the submission of any Planning Proposal for rezoning appears to be a long way off.

Speculation about the development surfaced on social media after a Planning Proposal was submitted for a development, incorporating a boutique hotel and commercial offices, on the edge of Monro Park,

Sammut Developments is proposing the development called Parc.

The proposal will be assessed by Sutherland Shire Council planning staff before being considered by Sydney South Planning Panel.

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Toyota moves to sell highly valuable Woolooware Bay site

Murray Trembath
November 12 2019

The highly valuable Toyota site on the edge of Woolooware Bay is about to be offered for sale.

The company said it was "confident the sale process will identify a range of appropriate uses" but it was "too early to speculate as to the final future use of the site".

The site is zoned industrial, but could be rezoned through a Planning Proposal, which would have to be approved by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment.

The decision would probably be delegated to Sydney South Planning Panel.

The University of Wollongong and Sydney Catholic Schools expressed interest in the site in the past.

Sutherland Shire Council is strongly opposed to it becoming a residential development.

Toyota announced in 2014 it would close its Caringbah operation when it ceased manufacturing vehicles in Australia in 2017.

The company said there would be a gradual withdrawal, which would be finalised in 2019.

Following a Leader inquiry, a spokeswoman said, "Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) is proceeding with its planned departure from the Woolooware Bay site during 2020.

"This includes transferring the remaining working operations from the site to other locations in Sydney.

"A new state-of-the-art Toyota Parts Centre was built at Kemps Creek in Sydney's west to accommodate the Woolooware Bay warehouse function.

"Earlier this year, TMCA's NSW regional office relocated to new facilities at Sydney Olympic Park.

"TMCA is working hard to ensure a well-considered departure from the Sutherland Shire - one which appreciates and acknowledges Toyota's 50-year history in the area as a significant employer and community member.

"Colliers International have been appointed to facilitate the sale. We are confident the sale process will identify a range of appropriate uses.

"It is too early to speculate as to the final future use of the site."

Colliers International declined to comment while the sales campaign is prepared.

Sutherland Shire mayor Carmelo Pesce said Toyota representatives had flown from Melbourne "every couple of months" to meet him and update the council on its withdrawal from the site.

"They are running with a sale of 'no lift' in the zoning," he said.

"The zoning is the zoning. Anyone who buys it, will know know what it is, and they will have to work with it."

Cr Pesce said he had always hoped the site would be used for education purposes.

"I think it would be great to have a university [campus] or other form of education," he said.

"I am definitely opposed to residential use.

"I don't think there is probably one councillor who would say 'lets do residential' on that site."
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A 8-storey commercial proposal for Sutherland has been lodged:

Eight-storey office block proposed for site occupied by auto businesses at Sutherland

November 27 2019
Murray Trembath

A proposed eight-storey office block at Sutherland would be the largest new commercial development of its kind in the shire for many years.

The site for the $12 million project, at 696-700 Old Princes Highway, is occupied at present by auto parts supplier Repco and vehicle servicing and repair business, Kar Pro.

The development application (DA) said it was originally intended to build a shoptop development, comprising basement car parking, ground floor retail and 48 apartments over eight levels.

However, in pre-DA discussions, the council and Design Review Forum identified constraints on the site because the amalgamation pattern in the development control plan (DCP) was not followed.

In response, the proposal was amended and does not include any residential floor space, the DA said.

The project would include four basement levels of parking, retail space on ground level and offices on levels 2-8 with rooftop open space on level 9.

"The proposed development will provide almost 5000 square metres of non-residential floor space in the Sutherland Centre and as such will contribute to the economic strength and vitality of the centre," the DA said.

"The development will contribute to the diversity of retail and office uses in the Sutherland Centre that will serve the needs of the community and provide employment opportunities in an accessible location.

"The high quality, contemporary design of the commercial building, which includes a variety of integrated landscaped spaces, will provide a positive contribution to the streetscape and a high level of amenity for occupants of the building.

"The development also facilitates future public domain improvements such as the widening of the footpath and provision of rear lane access, once the adjoining sites are redeveloped."

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Ozone Cronulla secures record-breaking $10.25 million sub-penthouse sale
Ozone Cronulla secures record-breaking $10.25 million sub-penthouse sale

Allen and John Sammut, two of Sutherland Shire’s best known apartment builders, have secured a $10.25 million off-the-plan sale in their Ozone, Cronulla project.

The 300 sqm plus beachside sub-penthouse secured the highest price ever paid for an apartment in the shire.

With views of the ocean from South Cronulla to North Cronulla beach, the sale was secured by local agent David Highland at Highland Property Group.

There are 38 apartments in the nine-level Ozone St complex that has a 2022 completion date with demolition of the existing dated unit blocks set for coming weeks.

Its two top-floor penthouses had both been sold for $7.5 million, which at that time were records for Cronulla in 2018 and then 2019.

The initial penthouse sale was to the Greer family from Taren Point.

The project is being undertaken by brothers Allen and John, in partnership with Rebel Property Group, Ghassy Bayni’s Morehuman and Leda Living, the Ell family company which has felt the impact of the COVID-19 virus more than others in the industry.

Following their late father, Paul, who built 200 prestige abodes, Sammut Developments have undertaken numerous Cronulla residential projects including Drift, Coast, Banc and Breeze since founded in 1993.

Ozone includes a mix of one, two and three-bedroom layouts, with remaining apartments ranging in price from $1.1 million to $5.75 million.

The previous off-the-plan record price for Cronulla was in the Wavelength development on Gerrale Street for $6.3 million.

This article first appeared in The Sunday Telegraph.

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Feedback sought on $34M upgrade of Sutherland Entertainment Centre

JUNE 24 2020
Murray Trembath

Community feedback is invited up until July 8 on draft plans for a $34 million upgrade of Sutherland Entertainment Centre and adjoining Peace Park.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is assessing the project as a State Significant Development.

After the exhibition closes, the department will review community submissions and feedback from government agencies.

Executive director of regions, Key Sites and Industry, Anthea Sargeant,said community input was "a vital part of the assessment process".

"If approved, the redevelopment will provide new indoor and outdoor stages, exhibition spaces and upgrades to better connect the centre to Peace Park," Ms Sargeant said.

"Our role is to assess the applications in consultation with local people, government agencies and stakeholders, so we are encouraging the community to share their views on this community project."

Mayor Carmelo Pesce, said the refurbishment was "aimed at delivering vastly improved performance, teaching and rehearsal spaces to ensure the much-loved facility remained fit for purpose".

The architects' design statement said the Entertainment Centre "holds an important place in the collective memory of the Sutherland community".

"Designed and built in the 1970s primarily as a musical venue, the then Sutherland Civic Centre relied on an inward focus on its auditorium and a narrow public address to Eton Street," the statement said.

"This was a time when buildings like this relied on a separation between inside and outside and where spaces such as the foyer had only one purpose.

"This was also long before the development of Peace Park to the building's north.

"Fast forward to the present day - what we now find is a 40+ year old building which is in relatively good physical condition.

"Yet, as a modern day public venue, it must cater to a diversity of cultural and technical needs.

"It needs to have a more open outlook and offer more to its community, not only in terms of its relationship with its immediate surrounds but also in relation to its spatial flexibility."

The architects said the refurbishment would "seek to offer a new and more engaging address for the Entertainment Centre by virtue of a more friendly and integrated relationship with Peace Park".

The rest of the article: 'Civic heart' surgery


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Green light for new high-rise development with 500 homes on former Caringbah High School land

Murray Trembath

About 500 apartments, in 12 buildings from four to 11 storeys, are set to be built in a staged development of former Caringbah High School land after agreement was reached in the Land and Environment Court.

The developer appealed after Sydney South Planning Panel refused the development application (DA) for the site, which the Education Department sold for about $20 million in 2012.

The DA includes the concept master plan and Stage 1.

Initial conciliation between the developer and Sutherland Shire Council failed before agreement on amended plans was reached in late August.

Commissioner Tim Horton accepted the agreement, upheld the appeal and granted development approval.

The developer was ordered to pay agreed council costs of $10,000 within 21 days.

The initial masterplan, which was released in 2016, included 656 units, but the plans have been amended several times, particularly after the adjoining Caringbah Bowling and Recreation Club, which was to be part of the project, pulled out.

About a dozen objections to the final plans were received from nearby residents for reasons including loss of views, :rolleyes: :rolleyes: "overdevelopment" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and the traffic impact.

The project includes a mix of one, two and three-bedroom units around a village green.

Commissioner Horton was satisfied the project was "in the public interest".

It provided a variety of dwelling types, layouts and orientations, a cafe in Stage 2 and a range of communal spaces, he said.

Mr Horton said the design was "contemporary aesthetic with suitable transitions in height, modulation and articulation in the form, building separation and variations in materials that is consistent or compliant with the Apartment Design Guide."

"The built form is in a landscape setting that retains a large number of native canopy trees, and provides new areas of planting, common open space and public domain spaces," he said.

Mr Horton said the proposed development sought to minimise the amenity-related impacts on adjoining properties.

Developer Michael Nasser welcomed the resolution of the long-running battle with the council.

"Everything they wanted, we said 'yes' to," he said.

"The whole thing is done and we want to progress and move forward, rather than be difficult."

Mr Nasser said he hoped for work to start early next year.

Comment has been sought from the council.


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wow huge development . shame the buildings couldn’t be thinner and taller say 20 stories, better for wind shade views ect, so us there a 12 storey height control in shire?

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yes the "manhattan principal" seems to work. they have used it in brisbane. and sydney now on bang wagon

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Shops, tavern, hotel and buildings up to 15 storeys proposed for Toyota site at Caringbah

OCTOBER 8 2020
Murray Trembath

Food and specialty shops, a tavern and a boutique hotel are included in plans for the new business park to be created on the Toyota site at Caringbah.

Building heights of up to 50 metres (15 storeys) are proposed in the area where the existing maximum is 16 metres (five storeys).

Aliro Group, which acquired the site in early 2020, has lodged a Planning Proposal to amend Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2015 to allow for the additional uses of 'tourist and visitor accommodation', 'pub', 'function centre', and 'shops', and to facilitate an increased maximum height from 16 metres to 50 metres.

The document says it is estimated up to 5460 workers will be employed on-site upon completion.

"Aliro Group's vision for the is to facilitate the development of a world class business park that provides a variety of building forms that cater for a range of employment types including industrial/ manufacturing, office, high-tech, filming, scientific and creative industries and distribution and warehousing among an activated ground plane," the Planning Proposal says.

"Critical to the success of a new employment precinct is the creation of a high-amenity and vibrant place that attracts tenants and employers to the area.

"Owing to the scale of the site, integration of convenience-based retail to serve the expectant and existing workforce of the Caringbah / Taren Point employment precinct, as well as strategically aligned tourist and visitor accommodation can be accommodated on the site while not undermining the primary employment role."

The Planning Proposal does not seek any change to the B7 Business Park zoning of the site or the maximum 1.5:1 Floor Space Ratio (FSR) development standard.

"The proposed amendment would facilitate a range of building forms that more appropriately aligns with the permissible FSR, as well as enabling some complementary land uses that are a critical success factor to the establishment of a new business park and under-supplied within the area," the document says.

The proposed land use:

Industrial: The existing huge warehouse is to be retained and extended with ancillary office space. Additional warehouse and industrial floor space are envisaged for the northern-most part of the site fronting the Woolooware Bay foreshore.

Office and business premises: There will be a significant amount of commercial and business premises floor space across the northern, eastern and central portions of the site.

Food & Beverage: A tavern and other specialty food and beverage uses are proposed along the eastern boundary fronting Solander Fields. This facility is seen as a meeting place for workers or nearby residents to gather or buy takeaway food. A ground floor market grocer is envisaged in the southern part.

Hotel: "The site has the potential for a boutique hotel to support the visitor economy in the area, supported by ground floor retail opportunities," the document says. The proposed location is be opposite the entrance, acting as a gateway to the site and defining the future character of the precinct.

Other elements of the proposal include:

LANDSCAPING AND PUBLIC DOMAIN: The proposal will maintain and build upon the existing landscaping across the site, retaining or transplanting 722 trees. While 151 trees are proposed for removal, the site will offset these by incorporating a further 422 trees, particularly around the Captain Cook Drive and Woolooware Bay Foreshore frontages to provide adequate landscape buffers to nearby residential and ecologically sensitive areas.

Further, the proposal will also consolidate surface car parking throughout the site into the lower levels of the proposed buildings. This will provide opportunities for increased planting with approximately 146 new trees in these locations (with a total proposed tree canopy cover of 91,723sqm), contributing to the urban tree canopy across the site and minimising urban heat island effects.

TRANSPORT AND ACCESS The proposal will maintain the three existing vehicular access points to the site, one from Captain Cook Drive via the roundabout intersection of Captain Cook Drive / Gannons Road and two from Endeavour Road. The access points off Endeavour Road will continue to service heavy goods vehicles, whereas the Captain Cook Drive access will be predominately for private vehicles. Further, the proposal will look to provide opportunities for improved access to public transport through additional public bus stops along Captain Cook Drive, along with a semi-public shuttle bus providing commuter transport from Caringbah Station to the site.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The proposal may require a potential signalised intersection of new Endeavour Road / Captain Cook Drive and Captain Cook Drive / Gannons Road. However, further detailed design and assessment of the required road infrastructure will form part of future detailed development applications and be informed by consultation with road and transport authorities.

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wow, i thought toyota would never leave there.
15storeys seems to be the cap for sutho shire which is a shame.
hope they like mozzies ;lol

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Sharks project builder partners with Chinese construction giant for final stage

OCTOBER 16 2020
Murray Trembath

After building the first three stages of Woolooware Bay Town Centre, Parkview Constructions will partner with a subsidiary of a Chinese construction giant to build the fourth and final stage.

Parkview's partner is China Construction Oceania (CCO), a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), which is the world's largest construction company by revenue.

The first three stages of what is commonly known as the Sharks development are on the western side of PointsBet Stadium and comprise 643 apartments, housing more than 800 people.

Stage four is to the east of the stadium and has an estimated construction cost of $400 million.

It will include a mix of 255 one, two and three-bedroom apartments, Bay Central shopping centre, commercial offices, a 71-key hotel with serviced apartments and revamped Sharks League Club.

The shopping centre will be anchored by Woolworths, Aldi and Dan Murphy's.

Parkview Constructions executive chairman Tony Touma said in a statement his company had joined forces with CCO, which was excited to be part of the project.

"We have some design work to finalise before we'll see the heavy machinery move in," he said.

"The complete town centre is expected to be delivered before the end of 2023."

[The retail centre and rebuilt leagues club are expected to open in early 2023.]

The development includes a $25 million upgrade to Captain Cook Drive.

CCO managing director Dr Xu Bin said, "We were most impressed with Parkview's professionalism and corporate culture and believe that they will be great partners for us."

The head of development in Australia for Woolooware Bay Town Centre developer Aoyuan International, Adrian Liaw, said he was "reassured" by Parkview's continued involvement.

"We have an established residential community and continued interest in apartments, more new retailers are signing up to become part of the town centre and investors are securing commercial suites," he said.

Sharks chief executive Dino Mezzatesta said the club was pleased Parkview would continue as the construction partner.

"They have done an outstanding job on the first three stages and we are looking forward to seeing the final product, encompassing our exciting new Sharks Leagues Club refurbishment," he said.

The cleared development site on the eastern side of the leagues club.

Artist's impression of the completed town centre.

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Coles wins court appeal for $80M retail-residential development at Caringbah

Murray Trembath
DECEMBER 15 2020

Coles can proceed with a proposed $80 million retail-residential development at Caringbah after a successful appeal to the NSW Land and Environment Court.

Agreement was reached with Sutherland Shire Council in a conciliation commission hearing over variations to the building height and floor space limits set out in the local environmental plan (LEP).

The development will replace the existing Coles supermarket, adjoining shops and a former squash centre at the corner of President Avenue and Willarong Road.

The project will include a new Coles supermarket, liquor store, eight specialty shops and 120 apartments.

Coles is expected to move quickly to begin work after three years of negotiations with the council, including several revisions of plans.

Most of the tenancies in the block are already vacant.

Coles appealed to the court against the deemed refusal of the development application (DA).

Although the proposed project was scaled down from the 14-15 storey development unveiled in 2013, it still exceeded LEP limits.

Two buildings, one six levels and the other four levels, will be built above a two storey podium and basement parking.

The approved project is about one metre higher than the 30 metre limit at the northern end of the site and 10.6 metres above the 20 metre limit in the southern portion.

A higher floor space ratio (FSR) has been allowed in the south-western corner although the total gross floor area is less than that permitted across the entire site. Coles submitted this was a "technical" breach.

The parties agreed there were no adverse impacts from visual bulk, view loss, solar access or privacy as a result of the non-compliance with the development standards.

"The proposed development is not inconsistent with the zone objectives or the relevant development standards," Commissioner Sarah Bish said.

"The portions of the non-compliant building forms are not readily discernible in the context of the site or are out of character.

"The proposed development satisfies the objectives of the zone and the relevant development standards, for both height and FSR."

Trading hours for the Coles supermarket will be 6am to midnight from Monday to Saturday and 7am to 10pm on Sundays.

Coles estimates the supermarket will employ about 120-140 people, the majority being permanent full-time and part-time.

Further development in Caringbah Centre area could flow from the Coles project.

The council owns the adjoining car park.

A council spokeswoman said the council was "set to develop a precinct plan that will provide direction on the future use of this area, as well as the future of Caringbah Centre".

"This work is still in its early stages and no decisions have been made to date on the future use of this area," she said.

A Transport for NSW spokesman said, at this stage, there were no plans for the development of Caringbah station or adjoining land.

Coles wins court appeal for $80M retail-residential development at Caringbah | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader | St George, NSW (
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