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In addition to the need for a Sydney Metro general discussion area, with the ever expanding developments across the metro area and increasing numbers of towers, a central index is essential to assist navigation in this part of the forum.

Below I've listed the area-specific threads, to help locate where info should be posted. If you can't find the area you're looking for it may be in the Sydney CBD or Parramatta CBD sub-forums, if they are in close proximity. If you are still unsure of where to post something feel free to post it in here and I can transfer to the right thread.

Also keep in mind that threads for individual projects can be created where the development is 20+ storeys high.

Sydney Metropolitan Area Threads

Auburn & Lidcombe
Botany, Eastlakes & Mascot
Blacktown Area: includes Blacktown CBD and other council areas i.e. Mt Druitt, Rooty Hill, Seven Hills
Bondi Junction
Canterbury-Bankstown Area
Eastern Suburbs
Epping, Eastwood & Carlingford
Fairfield Area
Hills District
Inner West
Kogarah & Rockdale
Liverpool Area
Lower North Shore
Macarthur District: includes Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly Council areas
Macquarie Park / North Ryde
Manly, Warringah & Northern Beaches
Penrith Region
Rhodes, Sydney Olympic Park & Wentworth Point
Ryde, West Ryde & Meadowbank
St Leonards / Crows Nest
Sutherland Shire
Wolli Creek

Sydney Metro Tower Ranking over 90m (excludes Sydney CBD)

(Future Rank) Completed Rank. Location: Tower Name (address) | Height/Storeys | Status

(1) PARRAMATTA: 6 & 8 Parramatta Square | 229.4m/55st | UC
PARRAMATTA: Charles & George (North Tower) | 213.4m/66st | UC
PARRAMATTA: 8 Phillip Street | 199.4m/56st | UC
PARRAMATTA: Charles & George (South Tower) | 188.6m/58st | UC
NORTH SYDNEY: 86-88 Walker Street | 180.1m/47st | UC
(6) NORTH SYDNEY: Victoria Cross Tower | 170.3m/42st | UC

(7) 1. PARRAMATTA: Altitude Apartments - Tower A | 177.1m/55st | Completed
(8) 2. CHATSWOOD: Metro Grand Residences | 169.8m/40st | Completed
(9) 3. NORTH SYDNEY: 1 Denison Street | 158.7m/39st | Completed
(10) 4. PARRAMATTA: 4 Parramatta Square | 158.1m/34st | Completed
(11) PARRAMATTA: 116 Macquarie Street | 156.4m/48st | UC
(12) 5. CHATSWOOD: Metro Spire Residences | 155.3m/37st | Completed
(13) ST LEONARDS: Eighty Eight by JQZ (Tower 1) | 152.2m/46st | UC
(14) 6. NORTH SYDNEY: 100 Mount Street | 151.8m/38st | Completed
(15) 7. ST LEONARDS: The Landmark | 151.6m/46st | Completed
(16) 8. PARRAMATTA: The Lennox | 148.6m/44st | Completed
(17) 9. RHODES: Rhodes Central - Tower A (6-14 Walker St) | 144.3m/39st | Completed
(18) 10. DARLINGHURST: Horizon Apartments | 144m/43st | Completed
(19) 11. DARLINGHURST: Elan Apartments | 139m/38st | Completed
(20) 12. PARRAMATTA: Skyrise | 137.6m/43st | Completed
(21) 13. CHATSWOOD: Era | 135.3m/43st | Completed
(22) 14. ST LEONARDS: St Leonards Square (The Jackson) | 132.9m/40st | Completed
(23) 15. NORTH SYDNEY: Northpoint Tower | 131m/35st | Completed
(24) 16. NORTH SYDNEY: 177 Pacific Highway | 129.7m/32st | Completed
(25) 17. PARRAMATTA: West Village | 129.4m/39st | Completed
(26) HARRIS PARK: Paramount on Parkes (14-20 Parkes St) | 128.0m/39st | UC
(27) 18. PARRAMATTA: Altitude Apartments (Tower B) | 127.6m/39st | Completed
(28) 19. CHATSWOOD: Centrium (Tower 1) | 126.2m/38st | Completed
(29) 20. OLYMPIC PARK: Boomerang Tower | 125.8m/39st | Completed
(30) RHODES: Rhodes Central (Stage 3) | 122m/34st | UC
(31) 21. NORTH SYDNEY: Optus Plaza | 120m/29st | Completed
(32) 22. OLYMPIC PARK: Pavilions Building 2 | 119.8m/36st | Completed
(33) 23. ST LEONARDS: The Forum I | 118m/38st | Completed
(34) 24. PARRAMATTA: 32 Smith Street | 117.4m/28st | Completed
(35) 25. OLYMPIC PARK: Opal Tower | 116.7m/34st | Completed
(36) 26. NORTH SYDNEY: Berry Square | 115m/36st | Completed
(37) 27. NORTH SYDNEY: Zurich Tower (118 Mount St) | 112.7m/29st | Completed
(38) 28. NORTH SYDNEY: Innovation Place | 112m/25st | Completed
(39) 29. CHATSWOOD: Citadel (Tower 1) | 110m/21st | Completed
(40) 30. CHATSWOOD: Centrium (Tower 2) | 107.3m/33st | Completed
(41) 31. OLYMPIC PARK: One Australia Ave | 107m/31st | Completed
(42) 32. CHATSWOOD: Metro View Residences | 106.8m/27st | Completed
(43) LIVERPOOL: Meriton Suites Liverpool | 106.7m/32st | UC
(44) 33. PARRAMATTA: V by Crown | 103m/29st | Completed
(45) 34. LIVERPOOL: SkyHaus (North Tower) | 101.6m/31st | Completed
(46) LIVERPOOL: The Hoxton | 99.1m/32st | UC
(47) 35. BONDI JUNCTION: Westfield Tower 2 | 99m/25st | Completed
(48) 36. ST LEONARDS: Embassy Tower | 98.5m/29st | Completed
(49) NORTH SYDNEY: Aura (168 Walker St) | 98.1m/30st | UC
(50) 37. ST LEONARDS: St Leonards Square (The William) | 97.6m/28st | Completed
(51) 38. NORTH SYDNEY: 80 Arthur Street | 97.2m/30st | Completed
(=52) =39. NORTH SYDNEY: 141 Walker Street | 97m/30st | Completed
(=52) =39. ZETLAND: Ovo | 97m/28st | Completed
(=52) =41. CHATSWOOD: Epica | 96m/33st | Completed
(=52) =41. EPPING: Langston Place | 96.0m/29St | Completed
(=56) =43. DARLINGHURST: Zenith Apartments (82-94 Darlinghurst Rd) | 95m/37st | Completed
(=56) =43. NORTH SYDNEY: Novell House | 95m/23st | Completed
(58) 45. LIVERPOOL: SkyHaus (South Tower) | 94.7m/30st | Completed
(=59) =46. ST LEONARDS: Air Apartments (6-16 Atchison St) | 94m/30st | Completed
(=59) =46. WENTWORTH POINT: Sanctuary - Landing (14-16 Hill St) | 94m/28st | Completed
(=59) =46. CHATSWOOD: Zenith Tower 1 (891 Pacific Hwy) | 94m/24st | Completed
(=59) =46. CHATSWOOD: Zenith Tower 2 (821 Pacific Hwy) | 94m/24st | Completed
(63) 50. RHODES: Rhodes Central - Tower B (11-21 Marquet St) | 93.8m/28st | Completed
(=64) =51. BURWOOD: B-Point (7 Deane St) | 93m/29st | Completed
(=64) =51. PARRAMATTA: Rise Apartments | 93m/28st | Completed
(=66) =51. MOORE PARK: VSQ North (20 Gadigal Ave) | 93m/27st | Completed
(=66) =51. WATERLOO: Turanga Apartments (1 Phillip St) | 93/32st | Completed
(=66) =51. WATERLOO: Matavai Apartments (3 Phillip St) | 93m/32st | Completed
(69) HARRIS PARK: Charlie Parker (12a Parkes St) | 92.2m/26st | UC
(70) 56. NORTH RYDE: Ryde Gardens - Tower B | 92m/27st | Completed
(71) ST LEONARDS: Eighty Eight by JQZ (Tower 2) | 91.8m/28st | UC
(72) 57. EDGECLIFF: Ranelagh Apartments (3 Darling Point Rd) | 91m/30st | Completed
(=73) =58. LIVERPOOL: The Pinnacle (100 Castlereagh St) | 90m/28st | Completed
(=73) =58. WENTWORTH POINT: Marina Square - Tower A | 90m/26st | Completed
(=73) =58. PARRAMATTA: B1 Tower (118 Church St) | 90m/28st | Completed
(=73) =58. NORTH SYDNEY: 100 Pacific Highway | 90m/22st | Completed
(=73) =58. BONDI JUNCTION: The Tiffany - East Tower | 90m/25st | Completed

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What you need here is links to these threads:

Parramatta (+Civic Place)
Baulkam Hills

then add information for Auburn (LGA includes Olympic Park) and Fairfield. The Fairfield CBD has ~5 mid-high rise buildings and more coming, I've got some pics to post.

I guess the Cumberland Highway would be a rough divider. Otherwise include Inner West Sydney thread.

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Here a some pics of Fairfield I took there recently.

From the roof of the plazza. I'm not familiar with the area so can't tell more than that. It was about ten levels high and to the north of the CBD.

The south pano

Plus another view

And some buildings to the east.

I could have sworn there was one building in fairfield on emporis, probably under low rise in Liverpool, but I can't find it now and there is no metro city. But it looks like strathfield to me.

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Also there are some buildings in Riverwood that I might have posted pics of before. They stand out throughout the suburb.

There are two buildings about ten stories each. These could under low-rise in Hursteville, or Bankstown.

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I don't know what the plans are for Silverwater, but it is between Parramatta and Olympic Park, has metroad 6 running through it and lies beside the water. Judging by this may have a business park future when industry moves out.

This is on corner of Parramaatta road and Silverwater rd.

Just thought I'd add a pic from Auburn central, the council Silverwater/Homebush Bay comes under. Not the best to show the height of the building, more the change of the area, I didn't recognise this place at all having been away for ten or so years.


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lennyr you sure get around! :eek: Where do you find the time?

Fairfield is going crazy with appartments, thanks to the Mayor Lalich - who is pro-highrise. :)

I remember most of these buildings of Auburn and Riverwood. I remember them going up while I was taking the train in to Uni.

Great to see some of the places we dont often talk about in this forum.

I need to know...
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Indeed great to see you get around lennyr!! Fairfield really is going crazy with the apartments. I was there last end of 2003, and already looks quite a bit different. Pretty close to being another Strathfield!

I don't know if there's any pics out there of them, but the "three sisters" in Telopea/Dundas Valleyalso really stande out in the area, especially around Christmas when they have the big lit-up christmas tree on top of one of them.


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i dont think its a good idea merging threads. It becomes a pain seraching through the many pages. like the melbourne "north side or 'south side" threads. The citys like Liverpool & Campbelltown , blacktown are so far apart, would only get confusing.
Same goes for Parramatta. we had a fairfiled thread once and now its deleted bacuse no one posted in it and it fell of last page.

btw great pic of Bankstown tower!
As far as i know, no one has guts to start any units in Blacktown atm. as soon as someone does the place will boom.

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How that thing got approved is a mystery, because its sitting on Industrial-zoned land.
I put some Auburn Central pics up before but I think the thread got deleted.

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hows this guys? i decided to merge. best idea. the thread will be a bit more popular.

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So nothing will be deleted. :)

Yeah I was unemployed about two months ago so had plenty of time to explore the city, now working and living in Wollongong so Fairfield is just a detour.

Any chance of adding Auburn to the title and merging the Baulkam Hills thread?

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btw great pic of Bankstown tower!

As far as i know, no one has guts to start any units in Blacktown atm. as soon as someone does the place will boom.
I hope they bloody well start soon. I'll be convinced of a 100m tower in Blacktown when it starts building.

100m, that will be visible from probably 30 km away, huge change to Western Sydney. (I'm going on the fact you can see Chatswood from Miranda, and that Blacktown isn't near sea level like Parramatta)

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Great work.

Some more Western Sydney info.

Got some populations for Sydney LGA's.
from[email protected]/1020492cfcd63696ca2568a1002477b5/58ccd6705f2f4fdbca256fcc0075b54d!OpenDocument

LGA Estimated resident population
at June 2004 (preliminary)
Ashfield (A) 40,258
Auburn (A) 62,797
Bankstown (C) 175,428
Baulkham Hills (A) 157,854
Blacktown (C) 278,532
Blue Mountains (C) 77,011
Botany Bay (C) 37,192
Burwood (A) 31,085
Camden (A) 50,302
Campbelltown (C) 149,961
Canada Bay (A) 66,148
Fairfield (C) 187,683
Hawkesbury (C) 63,598
Holroyd (C) 91,211
Hornsby (A) 156,929
Hunter's Hill (A) 13,911
Hurstville (C) 75,640
Kogarah (A) 55,012
Ku-ring-gai (A) 108,830
Lane Cove (A) 32,341
Leichhardt (A) 51,430
Liverpool (C) 167,880
Manly (A) 38,987
Marrickville (A) 75,870
Mosman (A) 28,420
North Sydney (A) 60,789
Parramatta (C) 151,076
Penrith (C) 177,554
Pittwater (A) 56,954
Randwick (C) 126,431
Rockdale (C) 95,036
Ryde (C) 99,662
Strathfield (A) 31,129
Sutherland Shire (A) 214,784
Sydney (C) 146,297
Warringah (A) 138,646
Waverley (A) 62,096
Willoughby (C) 63,905
Wollondilly (A) 40,661
Woollahra (A) 53,095

Interesting that Western LGA's (and Hornsby, Sutherland) cover such large areas and populations compared to inner city LGA's. I thought it be easier to have smaller councils as their is more open space to divide between.

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I definitely agree with Ashfield, Burwood and Strathfield. Canada Bay and Canterbury near by cover the same area as those three together.

And just wondering about Chatswood on Emporis. Has population 250000. Shouldn't it be 63000, same as Willoughby?

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Very old article, but it seems most of what was mentioned has just happened or is still being considered

Councils move to axe height limits
By William Verity
July 13 2002

New planning rules will be used to determine the height of buildings as two Sydney councils move to abandon traditional height regulations.

Liverpool Council has dropped height limits on developments in its city centre and replaced them with assessment based on shadowing, sunlight and appearance.

North Sydney Council will decide on Monday whether to take floor space restrictions out of its development control laws.

Instead, proposed rules will allow architects greater flexibility on height, provided the buildings do not exceed the council's new shadow controls.

Planning director Sue Francis will submit the new local environment plan to the council on Monday. However, it depends on the State Government agreeing to expand the capacity of North Sydney train station.

No new car parking will be allowed in North Sydney and developers will have to contribute to the cost of upgrading public transport as part of the trade-off.

"If that happens, we are releasing the grip on floor space," she said, noting she had three applications pending for buildings of between 20 and 30 storeys.

Sydney's largest regional centre - Parramatta - is also about to set new height records with work about to start by Estate Properties on a 23-storey residential tower.

The city has also approved plans for 15-storey twin residential towers by Meriton and the new police headquarters building, which will be 12 storeys.

But Parramatta Council has decided to keep height restrictions for environmental reasons and to ensure lines of view to heritage buildings.

Plans for the tallest building in the 200-year history of Liverpool - a 23-storey complex next to one of Australia's oldest Anglican churches - are on public display. The development - part of the city's Oasis project - includes retail, commercial and residential space.

Liverpool Council's general manager, Brian Carr, said the previous height restriction of 40 metres was an antiquated approach to planning.

"Height is not the issue - it's the effects of height that are important," he said. "It's now based on merit. People need to assess the impacts of sunlight, shadowing, form and other urban design principles."

The council agreed to change the rules in February to create a more identifiable city centre and hopes to increase jobs in the CBD from 13,000 to 30,000 by 2020.

In Blacktown, councillors approved the city's tallest buildings in December in a development near the railway station called First Avenue for site owner Tony Slater.

The $40 million development will consist of two residential towers, one of 25 storeys and the other of 10 storeys, that will contain 202 apartments and two floors of retail and commercial space.

High-rise apartments are planned for Sydney Olympic Park, where three 20-storey towers will go up near the railway station, to join the existing Novotel tower.

The Planning Minister, Andrew Refshauge, said he welcomed tall buildings - but only in the right places.

"Tall buildings have a place in Sydney's regional centres but we don't want to see them popping up everywhere," he said. "It's about ensuring that regional centres are viable and vibrant but at the same time provide jobs for people near their homes and near public transport.

"That means shorter trips and fewer cars on the road. We do not want to see tall buildings in areas other than regional centres, the city and key precincts such as Olympic Park."

This picture was included. Pity about the Oasis debacle.

The 13-storey development planned for Liverpool.

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The River Cities.

I've been obsessed with the idea of developing Sydney's river cities lately. So went and got some more pics today.


Start with a pano of the North side of the trainline line.

Than the apartments between Westfield and Great Western Highway

I'm not sure if this one was complete last time I was in Parra

Than to the West of Westfield, where all the action is

The view down Church st.

I didn't have time to get down and take some pics of the station which is completely different. Escen was at Level 12 according to the numbers marked on the core.

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Then to Penrith. This stop was even shorter, I barely left the car.

I didn't enter Westfield for a look, but noticed a much different street scape in the surrounding area.

Only other pics I took were the ATO, Penrith's only current high-rise

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