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cant find thread
heres a great 9storey called Nautica
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new 8storey tower- Highpoint on kembla
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8storey SUNRISE
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8 storey by Hansen Yunken
open July2005
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Jeez, they all look pretty impressive!
Wollongong is like Sunshine Coast of NSW!
i love wollongong thanks for the project cull....are there any offices going up?
ill have to do more searching.theres some big things happening down there.its growing rapidly
I reckon Wollongong has a bright future. It's close enough to Sydney to benefit from Sydney's growth, yet (I reckon) just far enough away to be able to develop a significant skyline. Hasn't happened yet, but I reckon it will.

Not to mention it's location - lovely beaches with a backdrop of the Escarpment (and the freeway tucked well and truly behind the city).
I havent been there in ages. Looks like its time for a visit. thanks Cul.
Was down there last night. There were quite a few resi's under construction down there. It's good to see Wollongong finally getting some stuff happening.
Anyone heard about a major toursit project aimed to boost Wollongong's tourism sector?
In todays Fin rev theres an article on the 40mil$ AMBIENCE project planned for suburb of fairy Meadow. belmorgan will build the 6storey retail/resi & commercial complex and will start in 2 weeks.
good to see highrise in gongs suburbia.

heres some more new ones




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LOL - You beat me to it;)
Man, they're on steroids down there atm! Good to see, though.

They need a 20-25 storey tower down there to give their skyline some height. It's great that they're getting some good growth down there, they just need a taller one or two.

Seachange looks like the kind of thing you'd find in Cronulla.
Hey guys what is Wollongong's current populate? and do we have a rep for Wollongong?
ive put 220,000 on gongs Emporis page.
Would Shellhabour and Kiama be included as Wollongong's metro?

If so then the metro pop. = 270,600 (2003 estimate)
[from Emporis too ;)]
Nah, I'd say Shellharbour is outside the City Limits. Kiama is definitely way out there :)

I'm not on the inside, but maybe I can wander around and take some piccies of the sites on the weekend for youse all.
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