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a Consolidated thread for Milton,Toowong, Indooroopilly and Taringa (including Auchenflower)

Feel free to post news,new proposals,construction updates,images,start debates..etc.

The Milton 55 Railway Terrace, Milton
Developer : FKP
Thread :

Westmark 22-36 Railway Terrace, Milton
Developer : Walker Corp
Thread :

Savoir Faire Residences 1 27 Manning Street
Savoir Faire Residences 2 21 Manning Street, Milton
Developer : Kozmic Developments

Grace on Coronation 600 Coronation Drive, Toowong
Developer : Sunland
Thread :

611 Coronation Drive Toowong (26 levels)
Developer: Urban Construct

38 High Street Toowong
Developer :Serra Property Group

Toowong Village redevelopment 9 Sherwood Road, Toowong
Developer : Retail First


48 Jephson Street Toowong
Developer : Property Solutions

Alto Apartments 66 High Street, Toowong
Developer : Silverstone

LandMark 2-6 Land Street,Toowong
Developer : CS Development

Eldorado 141-151 Coonan Street Indooroopilly
Developer : United Cinemas Australia

20-26 Benson Street Toowong
Developer : Aspect Property Group

Arbor Milton 13 Railway Terrace Milton
Developer :BlueSky Funds

Milton CityCat Terminal

Some Boutique Development

Chloe on Clarence
Scribe on Clarence
Uki Toowong

Recently Completed:
Siena Milton
Aspect on Benson

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Great idea PeterJackson! We've needed a thread for the inner west.

Could I suggest though that for larger projects that have their own thread already, like The Milton and Grace on Coronation, that a link to their respective threads be added to the rundown page? Just to help stop potential duplication.

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Agreed. This thread can serve as general discussion on most projects and news for the suburbs, but large scale projects still deserve their own thread. I'll also add Taringa to the thread title.

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Agreed. This thread can serve as general discussion on most projects and news for the suburbs, but large scale projects still deserve their own thread. I'll also add Taringa to the thread title.
What threshhold should be put on a project that has its own thread? In NSW I've made it 90m+, or a significant size (i.e. multiple buildings and uses).

Obviously The Milton and Grace on Coronation fall into this category, but of the others on this page I'd say they're all fine in this general thread?

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Compilation of Westmark threads to bring it into this combined thread, with first post from way back in October 2006! Seems there was a lot of confusion as to which site people were referring to throughout this project’s history! I'll close the old thread:

The da for Railway Tce is up, not a bad mixed use building. It is directly across from the TOD on the railway station.
Unfortunately, I can't say I like it that much

The height is 67.475 AHD, could someone include it in the title?
It is a bit boring, and much the same style as nearly every other 20 story resi in Brisbane u/c at the moment. Then again, its not really going to stand out that much once the TOD over the station is built.
Boring building.... doesn't even deserve its own thread on this forum.
Good for density... Im glad Milton is becoming so dense!
I think it's a good building. It's not ugly, it's conservative, and it shouldn't create too much more traffic being across from a train station and near the buses on milton rd and coronation drive. I think it's an excellent TOD. It will have some amazing views.
Not my cup of tea I gotta say. Why the brown/yellow look on what is otherwise standard issue resi?
I am hoping that the orangy-browny colour is that Terracade panel system. Looks good in the flesh if it is. I'm sure the design will be tidied up a bit before being approved, gotta say it's standard issue but it's not offensive so we'll see hey.
Nothing special, but it will help add to the density so the other 30storey tower won't stick out as much.
Is that 67.475m above ground? AHD is above sea level. I'd open up the DA and have a look at the elevations myself but I just noticed that they're 172MB each!! Stuff that.

It looks fine to me. You can't expect 20 storey resis to be shining beacons of modern architecture. That'll give Milton some nice density with this and the tower above the railway station.
I never realised, it is actually 2 towers. A 20 storey tower and an 8 storey tower.
DA says 64m above ground.
interesting little cluster in a few years...
The council have been extending the information request period for 4 months now!! I wish they'd just hurry up and get on with it!!
i second that
In Prime site today:

Brewery views saved in transit
5 April 2007 -The Courier-Mail

BRISBANE'S love affair with XXXX has seen developers change plans for the first transit-oriented development at Milton.

FKP had initially proposed a 30-storey building on a site it amalgamated on Railway Terrace, Milton in addition to a large-floor-plate, six-level building.

Concerns that the second building would block views of the brewery have moved FKP to change its proposal for the property.

The second building is now proposed for 11-storeys but with smaller 1200sq m floor plates. FKP has also moved the secondary building to the west of the site, to ensure uninterrupted views of the brewery.

FKP executive general manager Queensland Matthew Miller said the group was very conscious of not hindering views of the brewery for those driving from the city.

"It has always been an important thing (not to block views)," he said. "The building has certainly got an iconic status."

The changes come as another developer awaits a decision on its plans for a 20-storey building nearby.

Pro Vision Developments has lodged a development application to build a mixed-use development further along Railway Terrace.

It proposes a two-tower development with one 20 storey building and one eight-storey building.

Pro Vision Developments director Camille Rahme said the group was working with the council on its application and that it was an evolving proposal.
Council sent out their information request in March and the applicant has up to 12 months to respond to the questions.
The design of this one has been updated a bit in a new DA lodged in December....less tragic in my opinion, no longer so orange anyway, but no change in height.
Looks like a short Casino Towers with an awkward base. Pretty disappointed actually!
Neat and tidy gap filler I suppose. Will be interesting once all the glass balconies fill up with rubble and furniture and clothes drying.
^^Sorry I was thinking of the wrong site and that this was not the mixed use one! Still average, but not too bad. Would have been better if the ground floor was 2 storey's high.
Heights are to Roof.

This is opposite Union Tower over the top of Milton Railway Station.

DA Number: A001630338.

More details to come!
Hang on, is this a separate project to FKP's Union @ Milton?
Yes. it is accross the road.

They are also altering Manning street infront of their site to be a one way street.
Wait, I just had a look at the DA, I'm 95% sure we already have a thread on this.
KJ, this is the same building right?
There is 2 buildings going at milton. One on the railway station and one across the road
what a disgusting green colour
It probably works, when the paint drys.
its red malt. I think you're colourblind.
ill kill you,00.html
By Alison Sandy

November 26, 2008 07:01pm

A $19 million highrise near Milton's Fourex brewery has won council approval, but new residents are warned complaints will fall on deaf ears.
The development on Railway Terrace consists of a 20-storey unit block and an eight-storey retail and commercial building.

Proponent Provision Developments director Camille Rahme said it took six years to get to this stage.

"When the South-East Queensland Regional Plan came out in 2002 we were well positioned as a transport oriented development and we capitalised on that," he said.

"It has been a long time coming - it's been backwards and forwards."

Mr Rahme said provisions had to be made for the surrounding area, which as well as being industrial, was prone to flooding.

"We certainly had to address all the impacts from an environmental point of view," he said.

"One is air quality - we certainly looked at that, as well as traffic and stormwater issues."

Brisbane City Council neighbourhood planning chairperson Amanda Cooper welcomed new State Government legislation which would prevent residents moving into the area from complaining about the brewery.

"It's certainly something that will help sort out the amenity issues," she said.

"They (Fourex) have every right to continue to operate as long as they're operating lawfully."

The developer's infrastructure fee - estimated at about $4 million - will also cover provision for CityCat services, which Mr Rahme said he hoped would result in a nearby terminal at Coronation Drive.

"We think as a stakeholder in the area that a CityCat terminal would be a welcome amenity for the area," he said.
That really is pretty plain, not a fan of the green either.

For a building that is going to stand out in its vicinity you would have hoped for a little more architectural flair.
Pro Vision is now selling this site. They can no longer proceed with it alone.
They may consider a JV, but will probably have to let it go.

If you have about $6.5M then you better get your offers in, EOIs close in one month.
Hutchies should buy it.
or Meriton :D Harry T loves bargains.
Seems this project isn't entirely dead (yet) - another DA lodged in March, this time replacing the office in the shorter 8-level tower for 9-level residential. Height for the small tower is the same, though the larger tower is 69m to plant room (=74.3-5.1m)
Looks much better... and much better than FKP's revised Union development!
Im I right in assuming this isnt being built over the railway tracks anymore.

I remember a few years back when the project was first mooted the government and FKP came out saying how they will revolutionise the area by building over the existing train line and station.

Its a pretty poor development now in comparison.
Wrong project mate. This is not FKP's Union. It is over the road from that project.
^^^ and the fkp one is not being built over the railway anymore either. i guess it is because the commercial market is not strong anymore and it is hard to make the project stack.

i don't think it was possible to do res above the railway station due to the emissions from the XXXX brewery. they still use a coal powered boiler or something like that.
Geez, thats what you get for not actually reading the start of the thread.
A vast improvement.
i think it still looks like shit
i think its shit also
Fin review has an article saying that the site has been sold and construction will begin in the next couple of months. It also says that it is 12st and 20st.
New DA up. Above ground carparking now.

Walker Milton Pty Ltd (Primary Applicant)

Application number: A003436865
Amalgamate smaller sites. Erect generic concrete block. Next.
IMO, the renders look better than the sketches shown.
They do KJ
Walker Corporation will release Westmark Milton this month (Courier Mail)

I like this one, really nice looking streetscape.
Wow, I know there's all the requirements for meeting flood resilience in this area, but it seems a bit ridiculous that to get into Walker's basement car park that you have to go up almost an entire floor and then back down. When you've got a further 5 floors above, why would you bother?
Construction tender has been awarded to Devine Constructions, so this should be underway soon:

Devine wins contract to build $150m Westmark Milton tower in Brisbane

Devine, the listed housing developer in which Leighton Holdings has a majority stake, has won a contract to build Walker Corporation’s latest tower in Brisbane, the $150 million Westmark Milton.

Devine has an in-house construction business which has recently won two other contracts to build apartment towers in Brisbane – one for Pointcorp Development’s Vida tower and one for Chrome Properties’ Alex Perry branded project.

The Walker project gives Devine a $175 million construction pipeline.

Source: Fin Review

Some photos I took yesterday:
Westmark works underway:

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Maybe Toowong is seeing a resurgence? This, along with the Benson Street and High Street projects (and obviously the Zaha Hadid proposal) are really starting to add some density there!

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Does anyone know what this could be for? Looks to be on Quay Street, I can't find any projects that match it though.

Edit: Looks to be this 12 Level apartment building at 111 Quay.
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