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Major Developments for Pine Rivers in 2019

Major developments in Pine Rivers to look out for in 2019 and beyond
David Alexander, Pine Rivers Press
December 27, 2018 6:00am
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THE Moreton Bay region has been at the centre of some significant developments or development proposals over 2018, whether it be for housing, accommodation, business or education.

Current and projected population growth requires not only more housing, but more affordable housing — and adequate transport infrastructure.

One of the big challenges for local and state government has been to ensure new development is appropriate development for the immediate area.

Townhouses are becoming a common sight in Pine Rivers.
Destruction of wildlife habitat, traffic and heritage impacts and the amenity of existing residents are often contentious matters when new development threatens to change the landscape of an area.

Though development will usually follow development as regions grow and adapt to change.

We’ve listed some of the most significant projects to look out for that will shape 2019 and beyond, ordered by suburb.


To put it bluntly, Petrie is at the centre of an economic blueprint that will change the entire face of the region for decades to come.

USC Moreton Bay is a game-changer — and it is just the centrepiece of a much larger site at the Mill at Moreton Bay which has virtually unlimited investment potential.

An aerial view of what the university campus will look like at Petrie. For Moreton Life.
Already real estate prices in and around Petrie have increased as investors snap up larger lots that can be developed into student accommodation.

The challenge for the council now is to get the Mill site ready for further development and get new investors on board. Only then we will find out if the site can fulfil its potential.


Strathpine is another suburb set to ride the wave of new investment into Pine Rivers, with construction started on a $75 million “corporate mecca” on 3ha of green space at 7-13 Learmonth St.

A 3ha greenfield site on Learmonth Street, Strathpine is being $75 million "office park" boasting multiple office buildings, child care facilities, swimming pool, gym, hospitality outlets and more.
The three-storey complex will feature multiple office buildings, childcare facilities, a swimming pool, gym, hospitality outlets as well as space for future development.

Stage 1 is expected to be completed by next September and will be a support office for Super Retail Group, which owns BCF, Macpac, Rebel Sport and Supercheap Auto.

It is expected to cater for about 700 new jobs once completed.

North Lakes

It is no surprise that new development at North Lakes continues to dominate the headlines as the CBD takes shape and vacant land gets filled.

The big one of course is the $250 million Laguna development on North Lakes Drv which is one of those projects that sounds too good to be true.

It includes a public swimming lagoon, health and wellness facilities, a 3000sq m resort-style bar and restaurant, a 5000sq m retail precinct, a 138-room hotel, and 10,500sq m of office space.

Laguna North Lakes design concept.
Work on the project is expected to start next year.

Across the road, another medical centre and pharmacy have been proposed for vacant land next to the new Aldi.

On the other side of Aldi, Prime West has just completed the third stage of its homemaker project with Fantastic Furniture, Plush, Carpet Call and OMF already open.

Entertainment firm iPlay Australia is planning a warehouse-size mega centre on a 1.5ha site at 10 North Lakes Drv, with work expected to start next year.

A Mercedes Benz dealership, proposed for the 15,000sq m site on the corner of Discovery Drv and Anzac Ave has been approved but not yet built, while a private hospital proposed for 2 McLennan Court has been delayed.

Last but not least is the proposal to build a retirement village and aged care facility on the North Lakes Golf Course.

North Lakes Resort Golf Club will close in late 2019. Picture: David Alexander
This proposed development also includes a “North Lakes Common” with shared public space for the remainder of the site.

Though the proposal has not been met with open arms, to say the least.

Mango Hill

The first suburb established in the North Lakes area, yet has often taken a back seat to its noisy neighbour, will get its fair share of development over the coming year too.

The much-needed Mango Hill State High School tops the list — though it comes at the expense of long-time residents Darryl and Mary Ebert, and their trees, who must vacate their land to make way for the school.

An artist's concept of what the Mango Hill High School may look like.
The new school will take 2000 students and have a strong focus on science, technology, engineering and maths.

A principal will be appointed next year to determine the catchment area, which will primarily be the Mango Hill area.

Also on the education front, YMCA has proposed to build a school run by Y-Care that caters to teenagers at risk of disengaging from mainstream schooling, at 22 Halpine Drv.

The application is for the school, indoor sport and recreation facility, shop, food and drink outlet and a place of worship.

Also worth a mention is the 12.8ha recreation lake at Capestone being built by developer Urbex.

MT Property Group director Michael Tsingolis surveys the view from the top floor of the first apartment block in the Capestone development at Mango Hill, The Georgia.
The lake will be open to recreation users and will be bordered by townhouses, a childcare centre, a shopping plaza, a 2.5km hike and bike trail, passive and active open spaces and parkland.

Work has already begun on the lake and it is due for completion late 2019.


There are so many new housing developments under way or proposed in Pine Rivers it is hard to keep track.

In places like Dakabin and Griffin, there seems to be a new housing estate every other week, while the population of Narangba is set to double under the The Narangba East Local Area Development Plan.

New estates already under way include Narangba Heights, Forest Ridge and Narangba Valley.

At Strathpine, Villa World estate The Meadows is taking shape and has proved popular with owner occupiers.

Villa World has seen significant buying activity in its newest development, The Meadows, within the flourishing Brisbane suburb of Strathpine.
At Warner, CSR and neighbouring Mordar Investments are close to submitting development applications for their properties on Kremzow Rd.

Both these properties are in the Warner Investigation Area, alongside property flagged by developer Ausbuild for future development, are have been the subject of fierce examination by nearby residents.

These are just a few of the many other new housing developments in the region that will all ultimately contribute to the changing face of the region

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Unfortunately the spate of changes to the planning scheme to allow rezoning of emerging community was rejected by the state. I have little faith in MBRC.

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Will be interesting to see how Strathpine develops and whether the shopping centre is ever redeveloped.
I've been keeping an eye out for new DAs because i think they may be getting ready to redevelop the front section. There's a brand new 711 going in right across the road from the existing one in the Strathpine centre cast park.

I'm thinking / hoping they treat down the older 711 and redo the front.

The main restaurant next to the front entrance had been vacant for nearly 2 years now so they gotta do something with that just to start.

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Strathpine was the main retail destination until North Lakes, and is well situated close to rail and the bus network. Construction of the USC campus at Petrie should also be a significant boost to the area. Can't see this centre not being rejuvenated in some form. If anything it is better strategically located than North Lakes.

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Looks like this was submitted near the end of last month...

Lot 3820 | Newport

Development application: 2019/39704/V23R (Moreton Bay)

Project facts

  • Address: 1 Aqua Street

  • Status: Proposed

  • Developer: Stockland

  • Architect: Rothe Lowman

  • Residential: 126 units

  • Height: 19m, 19m (62ft, 62ft)

  • Floors: 6, 6



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Discussion Starter #12> New proposed Hi Tech, IT invovation and manufacturing hub for Brisbane's outer North

New ‘Silicon Valley’ revealed for Petrie, with 6,000 jobs and $1b economic boost
An outgoing mayor has insisted a growing tech hub north of Brisbane ‘must happen’ for the benefit of locals, as he moves to protect it from being sold to developers after his term.

Thomas Morgan, The Courier-Mail
Subscriber only

November 25, 2019 3:43pm


PLANS have been revealed to safeguard a new ‘Silicon Valley’ north of Brisbane that could house up to 6,000 jobs.

Speaking exclusively to The Courier-Mail, Mayor Allan Sutherland said Moreton Bay councillors would decide on Tuesday on whether to create a ‘South Bank-style’ governance body over The Mill precinct.

The proposed development, potentially worth $1 billion in economic activity a year, would incorporate the University of the Sunshine Coast’s new Moreton Bay campus which opens next year.

The motion would envelope an area larger in land area than Brisbane’s CBD and place all Moreton Bay Regional Council-owned lots into a beneficial enterprise, effectively shielding any future council’s efforts to sell off the land to developers.

The motion would stipulate that all members of The Mills’ new governing body would include “an independent recruiter to source the balance of the first full board of directors.”

Mr Sutherland said Moreton Bay’s councillors would vote on the new entity, which he compared to South Bank Corporation or Sun Central.

“We’re putting a beneficial enterprise together, which is very similar to South Bank’s model,” he said.

“It’s a model that we have put together to ensure that the site remains to the benefit of the people of Moreton Bay long-term.”

Mr Sutherland, who won’t be contesting the local government elections next year, said this model would mean future local councillors couldn’t interfere or sell the land to developers.

“We want it to be a hi-tech hub, we definitely want it to be an area of innovation,” he said. ”It has the potential to create 6,000 jobs and deliver $1 billion in activity every year.”

Mr Sutherland said the precinct was a once-in-a-generation opportunity which Moreton Bay Regional Council owed to its residents to get right.

He cited the region’s low tertiary education rates as something the new precinct, including the USC campus, would aim to fix.

“This will help address that. The main reason kids can’t go to uni is because they just can’t get there from the outer suburbs,” he said.

“It’s less than a 30-minute train ride (to Brisbane’s CBD),” he said. “The ability for people all over the northern suburbs to access this site is incredible.”

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While I love ideas like this, I don't see how this gets done. Okay you get a university but offering subsidized rent isn't the only reason Brisbane and Australia aren't tech hubs, most of the reasons why that isn't the case is to do with federal government controls and legislation unfortunately.

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While I love ideas like this, I don't see how this gets done. Okay you get a university but offering subsidized rent isn't the only reason Brisbane and Australia aren't tech hubs, most of the reasons why that isn't the case is to do with federal government controls and legislation unfortunately.
Moreton Bay Regional Council has voted to lock away a 65 hectare parcel of land as a future "silicon valley' tech hub. @ShannonMM9 #9News

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While I love ideas like this, I don't see how this gets done. Okay you get a university but offering subsidized rent isn't the only reason Brisbane and Australia aren't tech hubs, most of the reasons why that isn't the case is to do with federal government controls and legislation unfortunately.
What laws are holding back tech in this country?

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(QuestNews)> Developments due to open and start taking shape in Redcliffe this year

Developments due to open and start taking shape in Redcliffe this year
Work on a number of major development projects around a region north of Brisbane are due to start this year – including a new art gallery, 30m tall unit development and hospital upgrades.

Erin Smith, Redcliffe & Bayside Herald
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January 10, 2020 10:00am

From 30 storey tall towers, residential unit developments and upgrades at the hospital – here are just some of the developments expected to take off on the Redcliffe Peninsula this year.

It is expected Traders in Purple will lodge an application for this development with Moreton Bay Regional Council this year.

The developer plans to build two towers, one up to 30 storeys tall with residential and short term accommodation options, a laneway, green space, dining precincts and retail spaces at the site at 1 Redcliffe Pde, directly adjacent to Mon Komo.

This controversial development divided the community last year and lead to the creation of the Newport Action Group.

Kindred Group originally planned to build two 10m tall towers at the Marina but downsized the development instead settling for a six-storey unit complex. The council voted against the officers’ recommendation to approve the development. It is now before the Planning and Environment Court.

It has been more than five years since the historic Palace Hotel was demolished. Traders in Purple gained approval from council late last year, despite community objections, to build a 45m tall unit complex, overlooking the water.

The development is proposed to include 158 units, 13 townhouses and a cafe.

Work is due to start later this year.

Art gallery

Construction crews started transforming the Redcliffe Council office into a new art gallery and community hub 12 months ago.

Once complete the $2 million project will include a gallery, studios space, new front counter, courtyard and storage.

The new community hub will be used by U3A and the Redcliffe Seniors Computer Club to deliver workshops and classes.

Council is yet to announce a completion date.

Redcliffe Hospital

The Redcliffe Hospital will undergo some major redevelopment and upgrades this year with governments putting aside more than $30 million for improvements.

The major project due to be completed this year is the hospital’s new multistorey car park

While it was originally meant to be operational last year it is now expected to open in the second half of 2020.

On top of this the State Government has also set aside $16 million to expand the hospital’s imaging facilities, add an MRI machine and a new CT scanner.

These are expected to be operational by the end of the year.

In December State Health Minister Steven Miles announced the hospital would receive another $5.45 million to build a new operating theatre and increase the number of beds.

The Federal Government has also set aside $10 million to build a specialised paediatrics wing in the hospital’s emergency department.

Haysmouth Pde

A decision is yet to be made on the application to build a 22m tall unit complex at 12-18 Haysmouth Pde, Clontarf.

The development is proposed to include 40 units.

Under the planning scheme the maximum building height for that area is 12m. Many residents in the surrounding streets have raised concerns about the proposal.

Future developments


Traders in Purple have lodged an application to build $90 million residential development in the Stockland Newport Estate. It will include two, six-storey apartment buildings and 11 two-storey townhouses.

Deception Bay

Moreton Bay Regional Council last year approved several applications to subdivide large blocks at Deception Bay. A lot at 33 Joseph Crescent will be transformed into 35 new homes and another at Park Rd into 50.


Construction of the $42 million Vave unit development at Landsborough Ave is due to be completed in April. Traders in Purple are also yet to start work on the nine storey high unit complex at 77-85 Landsborough Ave – it is approved to include 64 units and a food and drink outlet.


Redcliffe District Rugby League Football Club has received a $2.5 million grant form council to go towards the final stage of the Dolphin Stadium upgrade, it will increase capacity to 10,000.

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Won't be long now before the Strathpine Centre redevelopment construction starts .. they announced it on their social media with a few shots of the plans.

Its a desperately needed redesign of the front of the centre .. I just hope they can get some decent tenants in there. Since this centre was sold by westfields its been a bit up and down. The food court has been struggling for a long time .. a few bad decisions made there as far as tenants go but it seems to be coming around .. the plans for the new centre include what appears to be new restaurants and cafes.

You can view the plans for that refurb here ..

Other than the centre refurb that whole strip of Gympie Rd. needs a revitalisation of some sort. Its littered with vacant shops and tired buildings.

I live just down the road in Bald Hills so I keep an eye on the local development applications .. only other cool thing coming up is a new Taco Bell in Strathpine directly across from the Hungry Jacks .. that DA is in the decision stage now and will get approved in the next week or two. I know some people don't like Taco Bell but I love it! and this area desperatly needs some new fast food. Was hoping for a Carls Jr. but that doesn't look like its gonna happen anytime soon.

Heres the DA for the new servo and Taco Bell accorss from HJ's on Gympie Rd.

Oh and Strathpine is FINALLY getting its own dedicated Macca's .. not the crap one in Strathpine Centre that shuts at 8pm .. Heres the DA for that ..
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