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Projekte nga Prishtina | Prishtina Construction Projects

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is the capital city of Kosovo
Population: Latest estimates suggest the city is inhabited by as many as 600 000 people.

Here are some proposed, approved, underconstruction projects about Prishtina/Pristina:

A proposed tower for the city of Prishtina/Pristina:​

Appt Blocks renderings and after being completed:

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Ok you can have this thread until other redirects are removed. Then we'll see what to do.
This is a Development & Construction thread. All posts which have nothing to do with the subject or the posts that violate SSC rules that you can find in DLM in sticky thread will be deleted.
So Albanian catholic church also uses the church codex to construct new churches with the design similar to the ones built before?
Albanian catholic church in Prishtina.

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