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Giving this it's own thread. If this is something you feel strongly about, I encourage you all to attend the hearing on June 11th:

On June 11th the Hillsborough Planning Commission will consider an amendment to the zoning code that would allow standalone storage facilities to be built in Downtown Tampa as well as Seminole Heights! The applicant is also requesting that parking requirements be reduced for storage facilities citywide. The planning commission's staff has recommended the board reject the proposal in its entirety.

We believe the proposal is being lobbied for by the same entity which previously proposed to build a storage unit at 111 North Meridian Ave in the Channel District, before withdrawing that application. They have since resubmitted it. We have also heard that they are seeking to build a similar facility in Seminole Heights at an unknown location.

In both parts of the city, such standalone storage facilities are currently illegal, but if this code amendment is passed, it would become legal to build them throughout Downtown and Seminole Heights, regardless of the adverse impact it could have on neighbors and the community's ongoing efforts to restore walkability in both parts of the city...

...To speak out against this, please attend the Planning Commission's upcoming hearing at 2pm on June 11th at the County Center, 601 E Kennedy Blvd. We will be posting more about this in the coming week.
And the amendment summary:

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