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Since we have a 200m+ thread, a 150m-199m thread and a 100m-149m thread I think we should have a thread for the remaining smaller buildings that are still considered tall. According to Emporis tall buildings reach a height of at least 115 feet which is approximately 35 metres. SkyscraperPage uses a different term but the minimum height is the same.


8 EastEnd 94m/resi


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Aurora on Pirie 57m & 54m twins


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Two favourites in Adelaide currently U/C

Conservatory on Hindmarsh (62m)

Last week (by UrbanSG):

374-400 King William Street (47m)

Last week (by UrbanSG):

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I believe Sydney has a couple


Stamford Residences - 30st/84m

Twin tower proposal for Kent St. D/A is for sale.


Channel Seven

Aerial of construction


ARK - 21 st/82m

Will be the New HQ for Coca Cola Amatil


Eclipse 21st/89m (Will be the tallest once complete for Parramatta)


East Quarter

Vantage is almost complete (12 storeys tall)


Top Ryde City (Retail/Commercial/Residential) - 12 storey towers


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Adelaide does own this thread with so many great proposed and U/C developents throughout the CBD. The developments need to be shown here to really get an understanding of the density increase Adelaide will experience over the next 5 years.

APP-Rundle Place-93m-19 lvls

APP: 64-68 Hindley St | 81m | 22lvls | Hotel

APP: 73-79 Pirie St | 73m | 18lvls | Office

APP: Tower 8 | 72m | 18lvls | Office [City Central]

APP: 42-56 Franklin St | 67/55m | 17/15lvls | Office

U/C: The Precinct - 5 X 19 lvl - 62m towers

U/C: Conservatory on Hindmarsh | 62m | 18lvls | Mixed Use

140 North Tce | 59/53m | 20/18lvls | Student

U/C: Aurora on Pirie | 54/57m | 14/15lvls | Office

By Urabn Sg

U/C: 20 Hindmarsh Square | 53/49m | 15/14lvls | Hotel/Residential

Pic Urban Sg

PRO: 82 Flinders St | ~60m | 16lvls | Office

APP: Globe Apartments | 50m | 15lvls | Student

APP: 71-83 Franklin Street| 50m | 13 Lvls | Office

APP: 102-120 Wakefield St | 47m | 11lvls | Office

U/C: 374-400 King William St | 47m | 11lvls | Office

pic by norman

PRO: 74-80 Light Square | ~44m | 11lvls | Office


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This thread could become worthwhile if we stick only to Amazing Buildings under 99m.

There is some real quality out there in the shorter stakes, and it would be a shame to ignore it.

Refrain from posting bland buildings, it will only dilute the thread with rubbish.

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Well seeing as you have pretty much every Adelaide development here are Some good ones from Townsville:

New Office scraper on Sturt street - 22st+/Unknown Heights

#Proposed: Townsville Ocean Terminal development - Ranging to 20 levels

#Proposed Townsville Town Square - 90m/30lvl

#UC Dalgety - 81m/22lv

#Proposed Southbank Townsville CBD[/URL] - 22 Skyscrapers (At least 6 20st Skyscrapers)

#Approved 420 On Flinders - 65m/18st/office

#Approved Verde - 62.7m/12lvl/office

#UC Altitude - 60m/16lvl/Res

#Approved Saville - 70m/20lvl/Hotel

#Approved Highgate - 70m/20lvl/Res

#Approved Outrigger - 55m/14lvl/Res

#Approved Hayles Wharf - 70m/x2 17lvl/Mix

#Proposed Transit Centre - 50m/x2 14lvl/Mix

#UC Solarus (Stage one) - 45m/12lvl/Mix

#UC Gateway On Palmer - 42m/12lvl/Mix

#Approved Jazz On Palmer -12lvl/Mix

#UC Central (Stage one) - 10lvl/Mix

#Completed T1 (Stage one) - 18lvl/Res

#Completed Gateway On Palmer - 12lvl/Mix

#Completed Hotel M - 12lvl/Mix

#Completed (Stage one) Islington Apartments - 10lvl/Mix

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