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#Proposed: 365 St Pauls Tce (Fortitude Valley) - 27st/82m & 26st/81m / residential

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^^ Working on it now! Looks good! Twin towers between Alfred St and St Pauls Terrace incorporating the heritage listed McDonalds Bakery site. Considerable retention of the bakery building too, not a simple facading by the looks of it.
Brilliant find Neilo...awesome from what I've seen so far. Two tall twins, plus it looks like there is a cross block laneway...excellent.
Some renders to start with. The tallest tower is RL 100.1!

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As nice as these are (am assuming these are commercial?), how are these actually viable in the current market? Pipedream stuff, particularly at that height. Where's the demand..
^^Really? Have you seen the sales Sth Brisbane, Newstead and other areas are generating at the moment?
They're residential, so they're very viable.

As an aside, would this project warrant its own thread? It's pretty substantial...
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Yeah probably a good idea Nath!
Agree. I'll let you start it Nath so we don't end up with multiple threads for the same project.
^^ I was more thinking a mod (paging BrizzyChris :) ) might be able to carve these last few posts out into a separate thread?
Some renders to start with. The tallest tower is RL 100.1!
Looks like about 90AGL as the tallest towers roof reaches higher than 100.1 ;)
I've calculated -

Tower 1 (St Pauls Tce): 27 levels / 81.7m AHD or 82m
Tower 2 (Alfred St): 26 levels / 81.1m AHD or 81m

Moving thread now...
It's really nice to see the attention to detail in a lot of the recent residential developments popping up around the place.
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My bad on the laneway thing too, it appears it's just a courtyard on the St Pauls Tce side that leads to the lift lobby.
How many apartments in this one?
Shouldn't be tooo hard to get up then. Unlike FV which has ~700 or something ridiculous
This one was originally approved in February, but revisions were made to it (doesn't look like anything major, I don't believe).

Bigger versions of some of the renders:

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The site is for sale and has been for a while now
^^ Interesting that they'd go to the trouble of making revisions to the original approval if they're just flogging it off with an approved DA.
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