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#PROPOSED :"Dubaiya Resort"

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Dubaiya Resort

Not far from the new popular residential area, 20 minutes drive to the
South by the coast line is the location of the proposed Dubaiya Resort
comprising of Prime Residential Chalets, Hotel, SPA, Recreational facilities,
19 Hole Golf Course, Sports Village, Marina, Retail/Commercial
Center, Yacht Club, Helipad, all required services and security.
It will enable the residents to have a beach side home with all facilities,
protected, maintained for living all through the year like a vacation.

Client:Kuwait Hotels
Cost:KD 100 Million
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Skoulikimou this project is under construction. Btw welcome back :) This project seems even more interesting than I ever imagined.
skoulikimou said:
thank you Dubliner ;)

so guys are you sure that Dubaiya Resort is under construction !
Sorry about that, I thought that they started construction but I just checked and this hasn't gone into construction yet but this is definitley going through. The owners of the project have purchased a plot of land adjacent to the one that they own for the expansion.
Construction of this project will start in early 2007. The project will cost KD 25m and will contain 400 chalets. It will also contain a 72 room hotel, a 27 room motel and two cinema screens. The project will cover a total area of 194,000 m2.
margog said:
thats cool a big resort like this must need cinema :)
btw ho is the wakeel boots in kuwait is it al shaie3 ?
Yes they are for the whole of the mid-east :)
margog said:
have u herd that al shaye3 runs starbucks in russia,the south east asia,turky and australia is that trou ??
I'm not sure but according to their website they only run mothercare, next and the body shop in Russia.

Check out their website:
But have you heard that they are having a 50% discount in all their stores because they just opened their 1000's store. Mashalah :)
margog said:
yah befor a few days ago ... 1000 store mashalla allah yewafghom...
so gate of kuwait mall will not rent to any stoure ever just for alshaye3 brands :jk:
Yeah that's for sure :)

Apparently this project has been expanded as the total area of this project will be around 1.2 million m2. Of which 400,000 m2 is owned by the company and the rest will be rented from the government on a B.O.T. basis.

The whole project will cost around KD 155m.
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1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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