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Proposed | GOSFORD | North Gosford Gateway | 6 towers up to 16st/53m | Residential

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another project by shop top Housing
6 towers/391 units
CDKS Architects
tower 1=11st/41m
tower 3=21st/75m
tower 4=13st/45m
tower 5=14st/51m
tower 6=14st/51m

thanks to sique sique for these

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thread still there - Schmidt Towers
was approved by JRPP on Thursday.
that'll be because it's also up as North Gosford Gateway
thats weird been 4 years since update? but i updated these last year?
. i drew up new towers from the amended plans online.
maybe its in another thread? yes the tall towers have come down and the shorter ones too. il post tomorow when i find
nothing in page
From the reporter for Coast News, who runs Central Coast Council Watch facebook page, Merilyn Vale
Six Towers "sitting ducks" for refusal
The six tower development at Mann St, Hill St and Dywer St, Gosford won't go ahead in its current form.
That's my take from today's joint regional planning panel meeting which heard from a number of objectors and from the applicants' team.
A spokesman for the applicant's team said the owner had made the decision to accept the council recommendation to the planning panel.
The council recommendation was to reject the application for 14 reasons including non-compliance with building height and building separation controls.
Council said the result would be an undesirable built form of crowded towers, which would not respond to the low scale residential areas to the north or create a desirable future character for the Gosford City Centre to the south.
Council said that in the context of revitalisation of the Gosford City Centre, the non-compliances of the development's southern boundary setbacks would unfairly prejudice the development potential of sites to the south.
Chair of the meeting, Ms Alison McCabe, said the panel was not comfortable with the application in its current form and she was heartened with the applicant's comments.
She extended the time when public comment could be sent to council until next Monday.
This was because the council assessment report had not been available on the NSW Government's planning portal site for seven days before today's meeting.
It was only available on Monday.
Each speaker was asked if the lack of access to the report in a timely manner had disadvantaged them.
One had still not been able to locate the report on the website.
Five members of the public spoke, all were nearby residents or representing local landholders.
The common objection was alarm at the sheer scale of the six towers and outdated reports such as a traffic assessment from 2016.
Applicant spokesman Adam Crampton (need to check spelling) said the development was a "sitting duck" having been in the system for so long.
Council staff assessing the application had changed as had statutory planning frameworks and council's position had significantly changed in approach to variations to the planning standards in that time.
The owner Ken Schmidt was not a "greedy developer" but rather a long term resident of the Central Coast who regarded the proposal as his legacy, he said.
The team had already organised a follow up meeting with council to start discussions, he said.
The public part of the meeting finished after one hour and 15 minutes with the chair explaining the panel would not make a decision today.
It would wait for a council report on any more submissions and meet electronically to make its decision after that.
But she said the panel statements had made it fairly clear how the panel felt.
Background for those still reading:
The subject site is located at the northern extremity of the identified City Centre, along Mann Street, at the corner of Mann and Dwyer Streets.
The site comprises nine individual lots, and has frontage to three streets: Mann, Dwyer and Hills.
The first application went to council in March 2016 for a six tower, 391 residential unit and 811m2 of commercial / retail floor space development.
The latest plan allows for 373 units in six towers and 491.75m2 of commercial / retail floor space over the lower levels.
PS: I reckon you heard it here first. I listened to the meeting which closed to the public one hour ago.
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