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Proposed | GOSFORD | North Gosford Gateway | 6 towers up to 16st/53m | Residential

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another project by shop top Housing
6 towers/391 units
CDKS Architects
tower 1=11st/41m
tower 3=21st/75m
tower 4=13st/45m
tower 5=14st/51m
tower 6=14st/51m

thanks to sique sique for these

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Proposed | GOSFORD | North Gosford Gateway | 5 towers up to 17st/51m | Residential

the thread must have fallen off?
This was actually readvertised this week from 2 years ago.but it has been some amendments
mainly the towers have come down in height
2 towers were 21storeys/74m now 14storeys/50m and 2x 14storeys now 8storeys

big 5 tower project by CKDS
400 units!/ 530 cars
northern end of Gosford
cnr mann/Dwyer/Hills streets

HELL no sonbitch
theres an article on this development in express advocate
Central Coast Express Advocate. · 9 hrs ·. �� It will be the biggest residential tower development ever built in North Gosford with four hundred new units. It's in the catchment of Gosford Public and Henry Kendall High. Submission are now open. Latest mega unit plan could add pressure on schools.
thats weird i couldnt see it.i get finn to delete
great its all happening.i reckon 2019 will be huge year, a sea of cranes
^yes thats strange isnt it? wonder why. well the shortest waterside tower Georgiana tower supposed to start excavation so thats the one we want.
great news. lets hope it gets up and starts in 2019
from what i can tell, the long tower 5 is now 2 towers
so 4x 8storeys and 2x 15storeys

thats weird been 4 years since update? but i updated these last year?
. i drew up new towers from the amended plans online.
maybe its in another thread? yes the tall towers have come down and the shorter ones too. il post tomorow when i find
nothing in page
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gosford council also had planning docs
YES slightly changed from 12months ago. each tower refined especilaly tower 5 and 6. but there only lowrise anyway. floor plates are smaller. looks better

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original (amended )
6 towers/391 units (353 units)
cost-$136.8mil ($148mil)
CDKS Architects
tower 1=11st/41m 8st/26m
tower2=20st/71m 15st/50m
tower 3=21st/75m (16st/53m)
tower 4=13st/45m 8st/26m
tower 5=14st/51m 8st/24m
tower 6=14st/51m 8st/24m)
amended design

thanks finn
maybe title should read 6 towers up t0 16storeys/53m
feel sorry for the applicant council fking them around for years on this da. now what?
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