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i dont think 36k is overly ambitious...we could have sold 20k season tickets but had to cap that figure at around 11k...are are in a heavily populated easy to get to part of London(3 train lines and stations within walking distance)right next to the M40.
i had to give up my season ticket last year,and struggled to get tickets on a match by match for taking guests..over the past few seasons this has got harder and harder..and when i have managed it,me and my guests have not been able to sit together(i'm only talking 2/3 people,not a coach load)
the Briatore regime and hike in prices put a lot of people off,plus a poor season,the sacking off the Manager and general chaos didnt help.
Fulham have shown what can be done on the back of a small/loyal support,with sensible pricing and room for away fans and walk up support.
We have 67k on a database of people who have applied for tickets in home area's..more and more tourists coming into London want to see Prem footy,but getting into Arsenal.Spurs and Chelsea is almost impossible for the casual fan/tourist
With the development of Westfield,Crossrail,and the proposed transport hub up at Old Oak Common,the area will become more attractive to visit,as wella s easier to get to.
Plus,there is a need for an indoor stadium with a 35-45k capacity,for other sports,concerts etc.Earls Court is closing,the 02 is on the other side of London and only has a 20k cap...
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