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Proposed QPR Stadium in White City

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Article in the Times today suggesting that QPR are planning a replacement for Loftus Road somewhere around the White City area:
-36000 seats, almost double that of Loftus Road
-Retractable roof for use as a concert venue
-£180 million pre-evaluative cost
-Part of a bid to make QPR " A global brand"
Also confirmed on twitter by chairman Tony Fernandes yesterday with plans to fully publicize the proposal on Monday, according to the twitter statements it would appear the club has already drawn up plans/ renders.

Here is another link an uninformative article backing up the suggestion that this is in development
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How that location (blue circle) relates to QPR's current stadium (red circle):

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So, roughly half the distance from the eponymous park compared to the current stadium. :)
Joke club. If PPI rules are ever properly enforced, rather than just circumvented and ignored they would be back where they belong, trying to fill a perfectly adequate ground, capacity wise that is...
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