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Proposed Software Campus For Adelaide

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Rann's plan to lure software campus
KEY defence skills are likely to be attracted to South Australia under plans for a new software engineering campus in Adelaide.

Premier Mike Rann has held talks in Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute about the plan.

The institute is a federally-funded research and development centre sponsored by the U.S. Defence Department.

It established the institute to advance the practice of software engineering because software now is a key component of that nation's defence systems. Software also will be one of the major production elements of the $6 billion Air Warfare Destroyer project in Adelaide.

The Software Engineering Institute's program is executed by about 225 technical staff recruited from government, industry and academia.

Mr Rann said his talks in Pittsburgh followed negotiations in Washington with companies interested in working on the destroyer contract.

"The Software Engineering Institute campus is going to be critical to what we are doing with the air warfare destroyers and a range of other projects," Mr Rann said. "The institute doesn't have students and it's obviously about our defence industry."

Mr Rann hoped to have an Adelaide campus of the institute running by next year to complement Carnegie Mellon's entertainment technologies division from this year.

He said graduates could end up in the movie special-effects industry. "Graduates from the school in Pittsburgh end up working with Disney and Spielberg," Mr Rann said.

He was not concerned about the possible effects on Adelaide's three other universities of having more campuses in SA.

"My view is a rising tide lifts all ships and I think this is going to be terrific for people," he said. "We're already seeing just enormous interest."
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