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Prototype | 52 Storey | 189 m | Phetchaburi

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Name : Circle Living Prototype
Developer : Fragrant Group
Project Description : 52 Storey Condominium Tower
Location : New Petchburi Road, opposite Circle Condominium
Launch : Q1 2011
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I really don't see the appeal of that cluster. Traffic flow is awful for car users. No public transport anywhere near in real terms. No supermarkets. I like the fact it's booming, but until it gets a skywalk or something linking it to the MRT or ARL or some such it will struggle IMHO.
I agree Petchburi is booming - but improving? In what way? No sign of that until the supporting infrastructure is at least promised (which will then be a decade from being delivered). Basically, with those projects you are taking a punt on the area eventually getting all the facilities it needs. Now, I agree that this is likely to happen eventually (except the obligatory neighbourhood mall every cluster now needs - where is that going to be?) But I'd rather wait until it is on the cards rather than just hypothetical.
So is it actually going to be a green building or is this just PR?
Great news on the bridge!! But frankly, the BMA should be forcing all developers to be acting like this - filling in the road and bridge gaps - not closing them off and making Bangkok even more inaccessible.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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