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Providence - Memorial Day Weekend

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Sorry, no fancy names for me, just a several weeks late thread from Providence, RI. I spent the Memorial Day weekend there, haven't been into New England before, so it was quite a treat. You will probably recognize most of the pics if you have read the RI State of the Week thread, but as per xzmattzx's request, I am starting a thread. So here it goes:

Providence skyline from I-195:

Around Brown:

My god an urban CVS!!:

For Cyburbia, urban chain retail:

Some of the gorgeous housing stock:

My Favorite House:

Providence's new "signature" bridge which is part of the re-routing of I-195 away from the downtown core and out to the Hurricane Barrier:

The Wickenden St. Business District:

This is what I call a beer selection:

Little Italy, Atwells Ave. on Federal Hill:

Downtown at night and Waterfire:

For the Family Guy fans out there:

Yes, Pawtucket Patriot beer does exist, and its damn good too! :cheers: Gigidy Gigidy...

And we'll finish with the Capitol at night:

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Great photos...that Federal Hill area looks great! I really like the housing styles of Providence as well!
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