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Public Transport in Bucharest

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Status of light rail lines

Let's start with ... Bucur LF (URAC prototype)

ce tramvai e asta?
"the old fart" looks a bit ... better :)

more pics here
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ZA RATB (history) website

^^ BTW Last month I took a 131 (I think) from Baneasa Airport to Aviatei (CDG Plaza)... :applause:
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Mmmm, I like it. Looks a bit too futuristic for Bucharest with the grey metallic touch, yet I like it. I also like the low floor. It's important that Bucharest is making progress in public transportation. Every year brings something new and better. This is important, IMO. :)
Obor new tram station and metro entrances

New entrance to Nicolae Grigorescu station on M1/M3 - part of the M3 line extension due to open in September this year.

P.S.: look at those poles sticking out in pics #2 and #3.:puke::bash:
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Geesh the transport system progressed alot since December. I also hope that they will renovate the metro stations to bring them in the 21st century. But with the current expansion plans I don't think the metro will have enough funds for now.
The new tram looks ok. On what lines is it going to start running?
That's just a prototype. Even if they put it in service one tram is like no tram.:eek:hno:
They could start changing the old one's, wont be such a bad thing.
I hope they will eliminate the trams that are not on the boulevards, its shitty for drivers...for example on Dr. Felix Street you hardly have space to drive because of the tram.
Long term perspectives for Bucharest Metro

Long-term Perspectives for the Bucharest Metro

The following is a compilation of current and future Metrorex (Bucharest Metro operator) projects taken from their website or from various newspaper articles.

Current projects
• Nicolae Grigorescu - Linia de Centura branch of M3 (4.8 km and 4 stations) - due September 1 2008
• 1 Mai - Laromet extension of M4 (3.1 km and 3 stations) - due 2010
• upgrading of electrical equipment on lines 1 & 3
• upgrading of the informatic system

Future projects

• M5 line (Ghencea - Pantelimon) having two stages:
  1. Stage I, between Ghencea and Universitate (9.8 km and 14 stations) - due 2014
  2. Stage II, between Universitate and Pantelimon, with a brach to Gara Obor (8 km and 12 stations)
• M6 line to Aurel Vlaicu and Henri Coandă aiports in the North. The line would branch off M4 from 1 Mai station or M2 from either Piaţa Victoriei or Aurel Vlaicu stations (14 km and 14 stations) - due 2014
• Acquiring 37 train sets for the first segment of M5
• M7 line (Rahova – Colentina)
• M8 Southern Circle Line
• M4 Southern extension from Gara de Nord to Gara Progresul
• Building up to 23 new stations on existing lines in order to reduce the distance between stations, currently at 1.25 km on average
• Modernizing existing metro stations by building public toilets, improving static and dynamic means of information for the public and refurbishing the stations themselves
• Modernizing ventilation, sanitary, fire fighting and communication systems; upgrading train tracks

Projected development
Today: 4 lines, 46 stations and 64.4 km
September 2008: 4 lines, 50 stations and 67.2 km
2010: 4 lines, 53 stations and 70.3 km
2014: 6 lines, 81 stations and 94.1 km

Comparison to other systems in the region
5 lines, 90 stations, 65.6 km
Prague: 3 lines, 54 stations, 54.7 km
Athens: 3 lines, 52 stations, 72.2 km
Kiev: 3 lines, 45 stations, 58.8 km
Budapest: 3 lines, 40 stations, 31.7 km
Sofia: 1 line, 8 stations, 10 km
Istanbul: 1 line, 6 stations, 8.5 km
This is from late March '08 btw. Some dates may have changed and some line colors don't match the ones on the map.;)
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Let's not forget the detailed metro map from the PMB site :
(The MAP is a scan,the quality is very low... and is very big 9600x10000 pixels ...but it works)

zoom 7%

PS: Cosmin we are still hoping at that wikimapia project that you mentioned :)
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PS: Cosmin we are still hoping at that wikimapia project that you mentioned :)
I didn't say anything about Wikimapia. I said I have a small project for SSC, Wikipedia and Google Earth. I don't use Wikimapia, though there might be a way to migrate it from Google Earth to Wikimapia... I don't know.

Anyway, all this starting early July (7-10). I should be ready by early August.
I wish there were more decent trams like this Bucur LF everywhere. I've only seen shitty trams in Romania, Hungary and Serbia.
Haven't you seen BKV's Siemens Combino trams in Budapest?!
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That's very nice, I don't remember seeing any in 2005.
^^ possible, they arrived in 2006 :cheers:
I wish there were more decent trams like this Bucur LF everywhere. I've only seen shitty trams in Romania, Hungary and Serbia.
What about Oradea ULF ?!
Haven't you seen BKV's Siemens Combino trams in Budapest?!
They had a lot of problems with those expensive trams, problems like: redesign of the stations and the railways to fit the low profile, missing air conditioning (they wanted to install them aftermarket), lots of failures in use.
So I heard, but now they work as they should.
Let's start with ... Bucur LF (URAC prototype)
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