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no thread for langkawi???

anyway here's new projects in Lgkw

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But they don't allow overnight stay anymore. Has to be a day trip.
Speaking of environmental protection in Malaysia, sometimes the laws are there, just lack of enforcement. That's why there are so many jungles being cleared illegally, like in Cameron Highlands. They always wait until disaster happens to take actions. And by then, damaged is already done.

This is so true, the local chalets use to be nice when they were new, year after year deteriorate, cannot maintain quality especially toilet while the fat lazy owners usually their wives sit in the front smoking watch TV collect money and never bother when customers complain taps and toilets not working, bed infested with bed bugs and cockroaches ,as their seasonal customers become more affluent and notice one day that the chalets not nice anymore will opt for better hotels...until one day the shit hits the fan for these chalet operators as there are no more customers as 3-5 stars hotel rates are just a shade above theirs, even mat salleh and foreigners go for three star hotels in Langkawi as it is still affordable while KLites are willing to spend extra for nicer accommdation in Langlawi.

In order to make Langkawi greater let the market dictate its tourism industry naturally, the small players that fail to innovate can only have themselves to blame and the state and TDC also failed to provide training or audit the small players to ensure they maintain standard. I think the 5 star hotels will preserve the environmemt due to higher hygiene standards and commitment to cleanliness, I always suspect those sleazy Cenang chalets just sending sewage into the beach!!
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Dear Langkawi forumers, I'll be going to Langkawi for two days in Nov. with family including a toddler and an infant and we want to stay at a hotel/resort by the beach. Where do you guys recommend? Tanjung Rhu, Burau Bay, Pantai Kok? I know Cenang is now not as clean as before? Also, is it easy to get around the island without a rental car? Does the hotel provide free shuttle to airport and other tourist attractions?

Any advise is much appreciated.
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Mate, if you want something with a private beach yet close to the town of Kuah (for food and shopping), then why not check out The Westin?

Of course if secluded luxury is your choice, might as well go for these gems instead:
- The Datai
- The Andaman
- Four Seasons
- Tanjung Rhu
- Sheraton
- Berjaya
Heard a lot of nice things about Datai and Tanjung Rhu. Is Tanjung Rhu beach still open to public if I don't stay at Tanjung Rhu Resort?
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Tanjung rhu beach still open to the public.
just enter the guard house and fill the security form
Thanks for the info. Now, does anyone know any rental car companies on the island which provide child safety car seats? The only one I come across is Envomarine. Does anyone have any experience with the company in terms of the car conditions?
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Can anyone suggest the best restaurants in Langkawi? Preferably seafood, Thai, and local.
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