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no thread for langkawi???

anyway here's new projects in Lgkw

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wah...dah lama tak melawat Langkawi...Hope I can go there after Hari Raya...Anyway, can anyone upload the photos of all new hotel in Langkawi?
langakawi gonna lose its 'tropical island destination' feel if the authority keep on giving green light to developments like this one.. it's not fitting to Langkawi.. smething like this should be built in Putrajaya or elsewhere.. i do not oppose the tower but can they change the design??
Bukan byk projek yg mega2 dibuat di Langkawi pun..Setakat nak letak Menara tinggi ni je n beberapa outlets,xkan mencacatkan Langkawi..It just takes small I think it will be not affecting Langkawi as 'tropical island destination'..kena ada sentuhan moden sikit..baru balance development tu..:nuts:
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