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Purvciems 3 - my home

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Here are few new pics from my home block - Purvciems 3

This corner has something important for me ... when I was a child I and some friends played war around this places ... good ol` times
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Why dont you just take picture of shit and say "it is real Riga"?

There isn't one real Riga. We are all living in different realities, because we notice in our surroundings different things.

If you walk around seaching for every little garbage and shit than the cleanest city in the world will seem like a dump.

I am not walking around searching for shit, that's why my sense of real Riga is a bit different.
Hybrid 87 said:
That`s my mission ;) to show the real Riga ;)

Too bad there aren`t more photographers that show such thing from their cities :(

One city, One District, United 4ever
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