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Purvciems 3 - my home

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Here are few new pics from my home block - Purvciems 3

This corner has something important for me ... when I was a child I and some friends played war around this places ... good ol` times
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Usually I just cross districts like this and move further to my destination. Purvciems is separated from Bikernieki forest by several streets and so it`s not connected with forest directly.

However, many of forests surrounding Riga and in Riga itself, are very nice - pine trees, sand dunes, small lakes. Also garbage in some places. Thankfully, there are some ongoing activities, like project "Pēdas" FOOTPRINTS, to make these places cleaner.
Yes, but you still have to cross Lielvardes street to get into forest. No footbridge or bike tunnel.

It`s better in Teika - neighbourhood north of Purvciems. I used this comparison, because Riga suffers from this problem in many places. Most notorious example is Daugava riverside - it`s not that easy to get to the river in most cases. Riverside and forests are not well connected with people in the city - legacy of Soviet city planning.
Purvciems from 12th floor - it`s nice. You can see other parts of the city, landmarks and forests too.
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