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Purvciems 3 - my home

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Here are few new pics from my home block - Purvciems 3

This corner has something important for me ... when I was a child I and some friends played war around this places ... good ol` times
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I have a Riga book from soviet times - there is some aerials from Riga commieblock ditricts (and yes, red flowers, Ladas and red wearing happy singing child'ren..). I can scan them sometimes. :)

@ Hybrid 87: Allways nice to see the other reality of Riga! :)
Did you really think that all Latvians live in Riga Old Town's renovated old houses?

Thanks for photos Hybrid though these grey apartments were not a surprise to me.
_alonso_ said:
what a depressing place..I thought there are no more such regions in Baltics:(
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