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Do you tink the May day stadium REALLY takes 150 000 SEATED people ?

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PYONGYANG - Rungnado 1st of May Stadium (150,000)

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ok so im new to this forum , i have rad many interesting threads here , but i decided to create a user so i can ask questions to all you knowlegable people out there !

the may day stadium in pyongyang is listed everywhere as the largest stadium in the world with 150 000 seats. the thing that i find craazy is that nobody seems to question that ...

ok , since the stadium is in north korea , the most isolated country in the world , and not as far as i know home to any soccer team i can understand its not the most talked about stadium , HOWEVER a stadium that is apparently by far the biggest in the world deserves its own thread ...

ok so my question is .. does that stadium really take 150 000 people ? i mean the only pictures people post of it is from the outside , and all the pictures from the inside are on the field and not on the stands . there is a low quality photo of the stands on world stadiums and it looks nowhere near a 150 000 capacity ..

yes i understand north koreans are small and you can squeeze in alot of them on a concrete stair type of stand , but still i dont think that stadium can hold more than 100 000 ...

and on the mass games , there seem to be a big one tire stand where all the people with the signs are , but on the pic on worldstadiums it looks like a two tire configuration all the way .... can anyone explain that ?

and last but not least please post your pictures of THE INSIDE of the stadium here ( if you dont know how it looks on the outside just google it or something .... ) since westerners have been alowed in the stadium for different events , SOMEONE must have taken pictures of the stands .. i mean come on biggest stadium in the world , and most people including me dont have a clue how the stands look .... we need to change that !!! ;)
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I persume that aint the opening of an olympic games.....the stadium - one would have to persume - is primarily used to "celebrate" the despot in charge.
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