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Pyrmont/Ultimo walk -May 11

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went for a little walk today around Prymont.

fish markets

the historic Coal Loader, recently collapsed into water, maybe they should just demolish

pick me pick me

harris st with former John fairfax bldg in background

historic terrace house in Quarry st (1879)

Dutch Uniting church (1883- 25m tall)

thorpie pool

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good shots cul ! besides the fish markets part, most of those shots are in ultimo (or darling harbour in 1st shot), not that it matters too much (other than to people in ultimo who are trying hard to hold onto a seperate identity, the don't much like the pyrmont yuppies). there's a local push to demolish the coal loader now that it has collapsed. fair enough that it is historic but it's just garbage now and should be removed when they redevelop blackwattle bay and fish markets.

before shot of the old coal loader -

after collapse -


Blackwattle Bay coal loader update
As the Blackwattle Bay coal loader leans even closer towards total collapse into Blackwattle Bay further information has been received from NSW about plans to develop the site upon which the loader stands.

There are plans to demolish the loader "shortly" as it is damaged beyond repair and is posing a potential safety hazard. The tendering process for proposed development is still proceeding and there is still a commitment to ensuring the Harbouside promenade/walkway around that part of Blackwattle Bay. As to the future of the coal loader structure that at one stage was proposed to be preserved as part of the new building development we are advised that "the extent to which any existing elements will be retained will be considered during the tendering process."
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lance, when did the loader collapse?
haha it looks exactly the same in its collapsed state. The council should have renovated it well before it got to that state, now it should by pulled down. Perhaps they could use some of the timber or rusted metal in a new developement as some sort of feature

What a lovely old house. Beautiful.
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^ there's a really good old pub from 1881 in that back street area aswell called The Lord Wolseley Hotel. It's very quaint, I recommend it.

cul, according to the pyrmont progress website the loader collapsed in march this year. that loader has looked like a wreck for many years now though.

the lord wolseley, tucked away in a small back street -

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Nice pictures, looks like a cool suburb to live in.

I never like seeing live crabs being kept like that with the claws tied. I know they would all kill each other if left untied, but isn't there a more humane way for us to eat crabs?

Sorry to get off topic.
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