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Capacity Pax: (in Phases)

1st Phase (Opening with second phase), 2010
- 12,000,000

2nd Phase, 2010
- 24,000,000

3rd Phase, 2015
- 50,000,000 - 93,000,000


2nd Phase: (In Phases)

2nd Phase - 750,000 tonnes

3rd Phase - 2,000,000

Size - 25 sq2

Terminal Space:

Phase 1 - 219,000sq2
Phase 3 - +590,000sq2 -- Will be the 3rd largest terminal in the world once totally completed.

+Aircraft movements per hours - can handle more than 100 aircraft operations per hour.



2007 statistics:
PAX - 14,930,252
CARGO - 358,933 (T)



New Doha International Airport (NDIA) is slated to replace the old Doha International Airport as Qatar's only international airport in 2012. It is expected to be the first airport in the world to fully handle Airbus A380, the world's biggest commercial aircraft. It is built next to the old airport, about 3 miles east.


The old airport witnessed a high growth in passenger and cargo levels in recent years, the old terminal suffered from overcapacity, this rapid growth was mainly brought by the fast expansion of Qatar's state airline Qatar Airways. Other growth came from the booming economy of Qatar, which the government has began diversifying the economy as a leading business and tourism hub. Planning took place in 2003 and construction began in 2004 and the first two phases are scheduled to open in 2009 while the third and final phase is scheduled for 2015. The airport will be built over 22 square kilometers which half is on reclaimed land.[1]
The airport was designed primarily to deal with the growing amounts of traffic at the airport. To the first end, the airport will be able to handle 24 million annual passengers at its opening, three times as many as the current airport capacity. Upon final completion, it will be able to handle 50 million passengers. However, the financial news website said that the expected capacity would be up to 93 million passengers, making it the second largest capacity holder in the region after Dubai[2], it is also expected to handle 320,000 aircraft movements a year, and 2 million tonnes of annual cargo. The check-in and retail areas are expected to be 12 times as large than as at the current airport (two-thirds the size of Doha[3]). Moving walkways will be installed to handle the traffic. It will have a 3 star transit hotel and one 5 star luxury hotel. A catering service will be provided, catering of 75,000 meals a day.
The airport is being given oasis theming. Many of the buildings will be water-themed, with waved roofs and desert plants being grown in recycled water.
To emphasize its modernity, a massive environmental project has sprung up around the airport. A portion of the site is being built on top of a landfill, which was moved to a cleaner and better organized facility. It became the largest landfill relocation in the Gulf region. The airport will be equipped with heat and occupancy CO2 sensors, and the roof will be tinted to conserve energy.
NDIA Steering Committee has awarded Bechtel to develop the airport. The contract includes the design, construction management and project management of the new facilities. About 32 Contracts Packages are planned to be awarded to subcontractors on the airport construction.
Site works for Phase I Development commenced at site since March 2004. Schedule of works as of September 2008 :
a) Construction completed : Site mobilization; Excavation & removal of rubbish tip; Reclamation; Engineered Landfill; Passenger Terminal Foundation
b) Construction in progress : Passenger Terminal Complex; Emiri Terminal, Parking Structure & Public Mosque; Airfield Paving & Road Tunnel; Utility System; Airside/Landside Roadways; Airport Operation Facilities; Fuel System; Air Traffic Control .
c) Design in progress : Landscaping & Irrigation; & Support Facilities; Airline Engineering & Operation Facilities.
d) Contract Formatting : Airline Support Facilities; Catering Facility; CAA Headquarter Facility; Aircraft Maintenance Hangar; Terminal Access Tunnel & Cross Taxiways.
Phase II works include expanding the passenger terminal to cater for 24 million passengers annually, with the expansion of further airport facilities, there will be 22 remote gates with 40 contact gates with a cargo facility cable of handling 750,000 tonnes of cargo per year.
To ensure the success of the project, Bechtel implements a stringent management style at site, from the appointment of subcontractors' key personnel down to the vehicle moving speed at site. Subcontractors maybe removed from the site due to nonperformance or noncooperation, exceeding the speed limit, etc.
Phase I and II works are scheduled to be completed in 2009.


In comparison with other major airports around the world, it will be one of the largest in the world.[4]
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport- 3,254 hectares
New Doha International Airport - 2,200 hectares
Budapest Ferihegy International Airport - 1,515 hectares
Hong Kong International Airport - 1,225 hectares
London Heathrow - 1,210 hectares
Narita International Airport - 1,065 hectares


The airport will have two parallel runways. The first will be 4,850 m (15,900 ft) and will be one of the longest runways in the world. The second runway, constructed as part of Phase Three, will be 4,250 m (13,900 ft).[1][3]

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I do! :yes: And thank you for the construction photos it looks like it is progressing nicely.

Sure it looks like HKIA but only because that airport has set the present standard for aerodrome masterplanning. Besides, copying is the ultimate compliment, and to copy the best is nothing to be ashamed of. I am certain the finer architectural details will be curtailed to Doha's unique heritage.


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Wow!!! What an impressive and ambitious proejct for Doha, but how do they expect 50 M passengers for that airport?? Its insane how Dubai expects 120 M passengers when they build their new airport!!!!

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Does anyone like it?
I like the project overall but the terminal building is lacking in uniqueness. I also wonder why new airports aren't designed like AMS, ORD, JFK or LHR where you have that cool scattered mess of terminal wings.

Wow!!! What an impressive and ambitious proejct for Doha, but how do they expect 50 M passengers for that airport?? Its insane how Dubai expects 120 M passengers when they build their new airport!!!!
I wonder that too. Maybe it's because I live in the U.S. but if you ask someone here if they'd like to visit Doha, Qatar they'll ask you "where in the hell is that?" or if they know they'll say "I don't want to get captured and beheaded."
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