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Qatar Forum Suggestions And Announcements

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Qatar Forum Suggestions And Announcements

This thread is a start of a new way of suggesting how to improve or qatari fourm like if we are about to add a sub-form we should all know whats about to happen also if there are any anouncments they should be posted here :) so good luck
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i would go with the 1st one ^^
i have a thought why dont we make an ( arabic discussion thread ) for only arabic talking we can chat , descuss and debate !!! so what do you say should i creat it there are alot of aabic speakers around that dont know how to type english very well even for us we feel relaxed when talking in our normal language
and also should we have a (The Doha Skyline) at photo galleries and (Doha Hotels) for veiwers to decide if they whant to stay in one of the hotels lol
total ideas


Industrial, Economy issues
Heritage and Culture
transport and infrastructure
the Pearl


The Doha Skyline
Doha Hotels
arabic discussion thread
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dont we already have a thread for lusail and another for the pearl ?! :nuts:
oh so you ment threads for the sections like porto araibia and viva bahriya ?!

thats not a bad idea acctully
you just post the thread with no approvals but thi place is just for futer ideas you can post it any time you want

btw, total


Industrial, Economy issues
Heritage and Culture
Transport and Infrastructure
The Pearl


The Doha Skyline
Doha Hotels
Arabic Discussion
Doha Bars & Clubs
Qatar Youtube Videos
The pearl Sections
Lusail sections
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your welcom ahmad

Total Threads proposed

Sky Leewan

Qatar Jokes Thread
This ia a thread that us qatari fourmers crack our selfs and lagh by posting jokes and really cracking photos.

Qatar Sports News
This is a thread for all kinds of qatar sports related things.

The Movies
This thread is for talking about the newest movies or about movies you have recently seen in the cenima and all good and bad things about the movies.

Qatar Restaurant Guide
Of course this thread will help all of us because some people are frustrated on where to g to eat this will defenetly help them choose where to eat like macdonalds and its locations or even shater abbas and all other kinds of restaurants all around qatar.

Arabic Discussion
This is like the normal english discussion we have but this one is for and only for arabic chating some people are more comfortable chating in arabic so this will be an important addition to sky leewan.

Doha Bars & Clubs Guide
This is a littel similar to the restaurant guide but there is alot of differences
this thread is for people to find there way to clubs and bars such as al-dana club and diplomatic club.

Doha Hotels Guide*
This is another important factor for our qatari fourm this thread is for posting hotel pictures , maps , star ratings and all other things who knows maybe someone is looking for a hotel and he is coming next week ?!

Doha Projects and Beyond

The Pearl Sections
Viva Bahriya , Porto Arabia , Isola Dana , The Quartar should have diffrent threads for each one sooner or later.

Lusail Sections
Energy city , Qatar Petroleum Head Quarters , Fox Hills , The Marina , Entertanment City And all the other parts of the Lusail deserve threads sooner or later.

Please reply fast tell me wich ones i should post ?! :banana: :nuts:
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good any more reply's or sugestions ?!
i was thinking of these threads :

1. Eduducation and Health Guide

2. Shopping and Entertainment Guide

3. Doha Projects Guide

what do you think of these

aron are you talking about sub fourms or threads ???
i will post that when we fix the hotels and resorts guide a littel bit
Guys i decided on making this thread today and its a very long thread

presenting ....

Doha Shopping And Dining Guide !!!!! :banana: :cheers:
guys i made an Aspire Zone Guide so plz help if you can ok
wht abt if we have thread about the sports happenin around in doha...??? i knw currently there aint any ... but ... in future
ok your idea is do able since i have some information
Guys, how about a sub-forum "News and Economic Discussion"

Pros: Differentiate the sub-forum from the Sky Lewaan
To have a separate Sky Lewaan section for birthdays, ect....

Cons: Too many sub-forums, ect...

But, maybe we should put the sub-forum under sky lewaan,or sub-sub-forum..

What do you think?
i would go for it being under sky lewaan as a sub-sub-fourm its a good idea and i would say yes
i think i will make (Doha City Projects Guide) soon when i start making the maps with google earth
HalaWala thanks for making the sub-sub-fourm !!!!!:banana:
is it time to make The Pearl sub-sub-Fourm yet i am dieing here
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