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Qatar WTC | 300m | 55 fl | COM

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Name: Qatar WTC
Location: DOha
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Commercial

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the building is not fasing the sea first one
Dubai downtown is a new area so they can plan it and desine it as they want
but in Doha its just this area not possible to make it bigger, but ther can in Lusial for example as its new and amty land
thanks omar for the update

there are some improve as last pic they was in floor 4 and now they are almost 8 :D

i think the glasses is only for test and they put it in every tower to see how its going to be (as sample)
i wish if the colour was different
thanks for the update

finally :D
Worst building in Doha.
I dont know what do you really like, this is bad, this is blah, this is worst :bash: why dont you design??
are they gonna add gold colour things to the tower as well?? or just in the top?
they turn on the light eairly this week in the top it looks ok so far as they didnt open all the lights, anyone saw it?
guys its completed

and QP rent it
it can be moved to completed project section
QP ?? they will have the largest tower compound in westbay, why would they need this one
hahaha… True

And by 16 M a month, which can build them a new tower in a year :lol:
16,000,000 X 12 months = 192,000,000

It will be QP HQ as the current HQ is already taken for Doha metro and QP District won't be ready before 2018..

The Gate towers is also taken by QP and i think some department will move there right after Ramadan
and i think QP won't move to QP District :eek:hno:
1 - 12 of 128 Posts
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