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Qatar WTC | 300m | 55 fl | COM

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Name: Qatar WTC
Location: DOha
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Commercial

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Its been more than 2 years since the last poster, but finally a board up in the Cornish. Not sure if its under construction:

By halawala, shot with BlackBerry 8900 at 2009-07-08
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Yes, Yes, the Picture is identical!! I was close enough to see the details!

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance has announced that construction work on the Gulf state's iconic World Trade Centre tower has started and is expected to take two years to build. The 50-storey tower comprises 42 levels of office space, a business club, a podium of four floors for conferences, four basement car parking and services and a sphere structure, housing a multi-purpose auditorium. The total built up area is approximately 142,000 square meters.


I dont think it actually started, but maybe piling works have started. I wont believe it until I see something physical erecting from the ground.
I think they are building the core now, barely visible above street level, right folks?
Wrong, Its beyond street level now, this and Al-Jassimya are really going quick.,,,
This tower and Jassmiya are really going to make that area looks super-tall!!
Also, QIB tower :banana:
I totally forgot about that! LOL!

This tower is going to have a steel structure; which means that it will rise like a rocket. I think by early 2012 well see all three towers blossom fully, of course not with the interiors though.
I'm starting to like it! It will be quite thin!
Its actually quite FAT in real life. :lol:
They had a mock-cladding of the glass! Did you see it???

Cant believe it that they started cladding with only 4 levels made.
From the different colors on display, the final product make look different from the render.
I hope so!
Yesterday Night already clearly visible in the skyline

Working on the 13th Floor, 23% up
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I certainly hope they start cladding soon like the Trump Tower in Chicago, where they clad as they move up!
Looks amazing. Thanks Salman! Thank God they got rid of the yellow glass as in the render!
This tower is on fire!!!
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