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Qatar WTC | 300m | 55 fl | COM

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Name: Qatar WTC
Location: DOha
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Commercial

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Not U/C but still on track and in the news!

Name : World Trade Centre Project
Description : Construction of World Trade Centre comprising a 55-storey office tower, including a six-storey building to house an auditorium and business centre, and a low-rise building for a convention centre.
Territory : Qatar
Updated : March 15, 2007
Status : New Tender

source: (of course to get the detailed info you gotta pay $500 :bash: )
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Yep good news and we know the number of floors now (55), Halawala could you change the title?

And the architect's site had these more pics - looks like a relaxed trade centre with pools and cafes to me :D

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It's difficult to say if the design is the same, the render is from a totally different perspective...would need a closer pic to judge. Good to see from the project board that a contractor is appointed, the construction should start soon..
I'm starting to like it! It will be quite thin!
^^thanks, I resized the last pic which was kinda big...
Yes I saw that! For the time being, there is a sample of glasses installed on the building (4 or 5 different ones), they have yet to make up their mind. From the different colors on display, the final product make look different from the render.
1 - 9 of 128 Posts
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