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Qatar WTC | 300m | 55 fl | COM

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Name: Qatar WTC
Location: DOha
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Commercial

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Wrong, Its beyond street level now, this and Al-Jassimya are really going quick.,,,
why doha downtown so small not as big as Dubai's downtown or any downtown in the world ?!!
Its appropriate in size ;) remember that Souq area is also "downtown"... actually Doha is a multi-centric city with several CBD's popping around.
This one is really 300m ? I don't think so !!
It is so get over it :colbert:
^^ Or the shard in london (better example since a Qatari company owns it ;) )
^^ before ? no 7abibi its still the same pace.

Guys !!! lets make a race !! lets see which tower Q-WTC or Jassimiya will top off first !! sounds like a challenge :D
What r u talking about it's almost topped off,,.
What !? I can think of 10 other buildings that are horrible, this is one of the nicest for me.
Bahahahahaha someone probably really hated this tower XD, saw the smoke earlier...
1 - 8 of 128 Posts
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