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Qatar WTC | 300m | 55 fl | COM

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Name: Qatar WTC
Location: DOha
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Commercial

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Its been more than 2 years since the last poster, but finally a board up in the Cornish. Not sure if its under construction:

By halawala, shot with BlackBerry 8900 at 2009-07-08
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The picture isnt clear but shows where its located.... is the render the same as in the first page ?? thanks
It's difficult to say if the design is the same, the render is from a totally different perspective...would need a closer pic to judge. Good to see from the project board that a contractor is appointed, the construction should start soon..
Yes, Yes, the Picture is identical!! I was close enough to see the details!
I saw that when I passed by it the other day. Why did it take them so long!!

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance has announced that construction work on the Gulf state's iconic World Trade Centre tower has started and is expected to take two years to build. The 50-storey tower comprises 42 levels of office space, a business club, a podium of four floors for conferences, four basement car parking and services and a sphere structure, housing a multi-purpose auditorium. The total built up area is approximately 142,000 square meters.


I dont think it actually started, but maybe piling works have started. I wont believe it until I see something physical erecting from the ground.
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50-storey trade tower to be ready by 2012

DOHA DOHA’s skyline is set to rise higher with the signing of a new QR520 million deal for the construction of a 50-storey iconic World Trade Center (WTC) tower in the city’s West Bay area.

According to the contract signed on Sunday between the project owner, Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company (QGIRC) and the main contractor, Arabtec Construction Company, the tallest tower in Qatar is slated to be ready in the summer of 2012.

Chairman of QGIRC, Sheikh Nasser bin Ali al Thani said that the WTC tower with its superior infrastructure and high standard of services will be a valuable addition to the real estate portfolio of the insurance company.

Arabtec Construction Company, which has been awarded the project contract, is reputed as being one of the primary contractors of the 830-metre-high Burj Khalifa tower which opened early this year in Dubai.

Unveiling the building design, Chairman of Arabtec, Riad Kamal, said the 50- storey tower will comprise 42 levels of office space, a four-storey basement with parking space for up to 1169 cars and a conference podium of four floors.

It will also include a spherical building housing an auditorium with 523 fixed seats, a multi-purpose hall for exhibitions and five floors of executive offices.

Another striking feature of the tower will be a circular business club on the topmost floor providing the highest level of luxury and opulence in addition to a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

Addressing the media on the occasion, Kamal said, “WTC tower will mark the entry of Arabtec into the field of high-rise building construction in Qatar.

We are confident that through this venture, we will make a significant contribution to the growth and modernisation of this country.” Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Kamal expressed optimism about the performance of Qatar’s realty sector despite the recent lull.

“Qatar offers a fantastic opportunity for developers to acquire first-class contracts with very competitive prices.

We believe that in the long run this opportunity will translate into a great investment,” he said.

He added that Arabtec had a number of luxury villa projects currently in progress in Al Waab city and was set to start construction work on a twin tower early next month.

Work on the WTC project is under way and, according to its developers, the piling work has already been completed.

The WTC tower in Doha joins a global network of more than 300 iconic World Trade Centres around the world that have become focal points of contact for businessmen and international companies seeking integrated business and trade services.

Qatar Tribune
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I think they are building the core now, barely visible above street level, right folks?
Wrong, Its beyond street level now, this and Al-Jassimya are really going quick.,,,
Wrong, Its beyond street level now, this and Al-Jassimya are really going quick.,,,
This tower and Jassmiya are really going to make that area looks super-tall!!
Which tower is Jassmiya? I can't find a thread for it.
This tower and Jassmiya are really going to make that area looks super-tall!!
Also, QIB tower :banana:
Also, QIB tower :banana:
I totally forgot about that! LOL!

This tower is going to have a steel structure; which means that it will rise like a rocket. I think by early 2012 well see all three towers blossom fully, of course not with the interiors though.
So this is 300 meters? Shall someone start a thread in the World Forum?
this area gonna to be a forest of towers woow palm towers 2 + jasmiya + tornado+ WTC+ islamic bank cool all of theme more than 200 m woow woow
I'm starting to like it! It will be quite thin!
I'm starting to like it! It will be quite thin!
Its actually quite FAT in real life. :lol:
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