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Qatar WTC | 300m | 55 fl | COM

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Name: Qatar WTC
Location: DOha
Floors: ?
Height: ?
Use: Commercial

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Me as an Architect, I really like the way it designed, but the ugly thing here is hight, and it is kinda large. It hides the nice view of one of the palm towers !!
Hey guys,

Just that round thing at the top an observation deck? I really think Doha needs a nice observation deck in the middle of all these skyscrapers!

- GS
the upper part:

reminds me of the statue of liberty lol, will try to take more pics later . .
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are they gonna add gold colour things to the tower as well?? or just in the top?
are they gonna add gold colour things to the tower as well?? or just in the top?
they already finished "glassing" the tower, only few golden lines! but overall its blue!
will upload more pics at night inshalla for the whole sight
done my homework . . . :)

[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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they turn on the light eairly this week in the top it looks ok so far as they didnt open all the lights, anyone saw it?
This thread should be changed to

DOHA | Qatar WTC | 55F | 300m | 984ft | T/O
it looks alright from this angel.
btw, they have their logo in place since few days back..
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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From their website:

The most striking feature of the new development will be the Cigar bar located at the top of the commercial tower. The restaurant and bar facilities will offer unparalled views over the developing skyline of Westbay and the remainder of Doha. The Cigar bar will, with out doubt become the destination for Commercial tenants, Conference delegates and Exhibitors as well as the broader commercial community within Doha.
Looks like that's what the round thing is. I always thought it was for helicopters for some reason...
This tower is on fire!!!
تمت السيطرة على حريق محدود في الطوابق العليا لأحد المباني قيد الانشاء في منطقة الخليج الغربي
From BBM
i will post pix later
Bahahahahaha someone probably really hated this tower XD, saw the smoke earlier...
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