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5X-EQU has gone to Johannesburg on same day of arrival in Entebbe! Commercial flights have started already?
Not yet, here is the answer :) :

The ExecuJet hangar at the Cape Town International Airport was the venue for AviaDevAfrica2019’s welcome and network event this evening and on arrival could the cat finally be let out of the bag – Bombardier was showcasing one of the Uganda Airlines CRJ900’s as part of their African tour across the continent.
The aircraft had arrived late afternoon in Cape Town, coming from Johannesburg and delegates of the conference had the opportunity to see the interior of the new plane, try one of its 12 Business Class seats and see the improved overhead lockers for hand baggage, which are the largest of its class for this size aircraft. Though no one from Uganda Airlines appears to be at the conference was it, courtesy of Bombardier of course, nevertheless a marketing coup of sorts.

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Relaunched Uganda Airlines hopes to win slice of East African travel

KAMPALA, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Uganda on Tuesday relaunched its national carrier, Uganda Airlines, hoping to take a slice of the East African aviation business that is dominated by Ethiopian Airlines.

The country is banking on its emerging oil industry and the traditional tourism sector to generate international traffic to sustain the airline.

Though air traffic in Africa is forecast to grow 6% a year, twice as quickly as mature markets, over the next two decades, most state-owned flag carriers on the continent are losing money. The notable exception is Ethiopian Airlines, which analysts say has avoided the mistakes of other regional carriers and not fallen prey to political interference.

"We undertake to be a world class airline that will exceed customer expectations through high quality service," Ugandan Airlines CEO Ephraim Bagenda said at a ceremony at Entebbe, the country's sole international airport, south of the capital Kampala.

The airline will initially fly to seven regional destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, and Burundi, the CEO said ahead of the inaugural flight to Kenya's capital Nairobi.

In November, the airline would launch flights to destinations in south and central Africa, he said.

But Uganda Airlines will face stiff competition not only from Ethiopian Airlines, but also from Rwanda and Tanzania which have also poured cash into their flag carriers in the past few years, though with far less success than Ethiopia.

Another rival regional carrier Kenya Airways has also faced challenges in its efforts to expand. It became loss-making in 2014 after buying a number of aircraft which coincided with a slump in tourist and business travel to Kenya blamed on a spate of attacks by Somalia-based Islamist militants.

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