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Question about tallest Pinnacle Centre tower...

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Okay, I am quite excited about the rumours of an up-to-69-storey Pinnacle Centre tower...

Does anyone know how long until we see a rendering or any proposals made to city council?

A few months... a year?

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Ive heard about and i to am very interested, ive only seen mention of it once on the architectural firms website...i cant even remember what it is now. :bash: :bash:
woh whats with these massive high buildings. I even think that a little to high for that area.
Pinnacle, while not being the best looking scrapers out there, really does a lot in terms of density. Adding a 69 storey building, which would be around 230 metres, would be the good way;)
I can't see the down side. There's lots of room for it, an ideal location. Why not!
its 59 stories,not 69.four towers from 29-59 stories.
page and steele archictects i think.
Two 60 story residental condos are going to drive the nimby's crazy.
^^But I don't think there are any back yards in that area;););)
^^It would however drive the residents @ Maple Leaf Square crazy as at 59 stories would almost overshadow their building. ;)

Anyways, so far its just speculation that the fourth tower could be as tall as 59 stories because Page+Steeles website states that the Pinnacle Centre development will be four towers from 29-59 stories. The tallest, 59 stories could possibly be the 59 storey tower but most likely it might be scaled down a bit according to how tall City Hall approves it at.

(Check it out @ >> 33 Bay Street)

At the rate that Pinnacle Centre sells, it might be a year or two before the final phase will get released. Tower B is now U/C and I think Tower C might be out when they finish with B and when it all sells out. Sales with Pinnacle are usually slow.

Anyways, I'm not really all that excited about the potential 59 Storey Pinnacle tower. So far, I have yet to see a phase of Pinnacle that is good looking (But Phase III looks like an improvement) . I think we should be more worried about a signature tower with good architecture than just another tall and bland waterfront condo.
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Looks better than the previous ones.....
IM excited about anything proposed over 50 story's...but the rumour about the 70 ROCP phase 3 is whats got me really excited.
That new Pinnacle phase scares me for some reason.. Darth Vaderish.... LOL
Sooooo many rumours these days......
Bertez said:
Sooooo many rumours these days......
yup..gotta love it eh. If we arnt talking about the rumoured manulife tower we are over here talking about the pinnacle rumour and im here highjacking the thread by talking about the 70 story ROCP rumour...hehehe
and hey I cant wait to find out if the signature tower rumour of 80 story's is true or not to :) :) :) :) :)
valantino said:
I'm curious where you got that figure from. The numbers I've most often seen are 46 floors, 449 feet.
^MrMan posted those preliminary height several years ago. Since then, the heights have obviously changed or he counted wrong (kidding) Tower A is 40 floors instead of 37; B will have 29 instead of 30; C will be 50 (perhaps 49 ;)) instead of 41; and D is planned as 59 instead of 46
Tower B was reduced by one floor.......seems kinda silly to to me
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