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Question for Lebanese forumers on music

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question for lebanese forumers on music

Im looking for sites to d/l more of the music of
the artist singing Bastannaak..

excellent hit!

anybody know who she is/ where I can find it?
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you can find all her songs in this site the site is named after a kuwaiti city <<< tourist official :p

here is the song:

if u want any others let me know i assume u dont speak arabic but if u did browse the site freely :D
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I can understand spoken (tv, or in english letters), not speak too good or write

so yeah I need in english or french also ok
do you have a top 20 chart?
here are the virgin chart:

for english the site dosent have translation but if u have any song or singer in specific i can get you the song

there is this mp3 site its in english although its not that good but better than nothing
its down today for some reason but re check it
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I like Ellisar but i dont really like her new album I go HAIFA also she is the Hottist singer in the Middle East
source you can visit this site

Here is the songs in Elissa's albums!
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where can i find the song el´ab of maria?
I love Maria! You can get almost any Arabic song on MP3 off
the site is down lol :p
^^Are you sure? I just checked it and it is working fine, click on "M" to find Maria's name.
Im just curious on background of some of these famouse lebaneese.
Like is Nancy Ajram Muslim?
How about Elissa?
How about Nasrallah?
^^Why does it matter?

All that matters is that they are LEBANESE.
well the best music site ever is It is the best everything is there but you need to sign up
^^ Its great for watching videos and listening to the newest songs, but you cant download MP3s from it.
what is everyones opinion on Haifa Wehbe....??

i love her songs...and she is so beautiful..but ive heard ppl think she is a ***** etc...
Elissa is one of my favourite arab artists.. :)
I like Haifa more than Elissa,she's more charismatic,besides she's going to star in a hollywood movie,she's a real STAR,then nancy ajram,then Elissa.
Fares Karam is my Fave he is so cool his songs a great True Lebanese music !!
i went to his concert !!! in Melborne it was packed i had a front row !!!
i was near the speakers OCH
I totally agree with Hassoun, Haifa is the real deal, she is beautiful, smart, sexy, etc...

People joke about her but she is widely loved and respected in Lebanon.

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