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Does everyone hate my photography?
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Grow up mate. Just cos you're pics aren't as good as other people's, it doesn't mean you've gotta stress so much. Everyone starts off not so good and gets better by learning from their mistakes. For a start stop being so reactionary and take what people tell you as advice which you can learn from.
For 11 years old I think you're pretty mediocre at this point. As you will grow up you will notice more things around you and begin to visualize your shots before you even take them. It just takes some time is all :)
Flatiron, you're an incredible photographer for a person your age. Most kids don't even know how to hold a camera or even have a desire to at age 11. Just wait until a few years you'll learn more and be able to attend photography classes.
Good photograpy requires maturity. A good photographer has a style, a vision, an instinct. Those take time, and a LOT of practice to develop, unless you are some rare genius. You are 11. I gave you some advice in your thread in the UPC. You might want to check it out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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