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Questions concering how rebuilding is done around Europe

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As some may have seen in the Europe Ruined buildings and their replacements in Europe-tread, then the city I live in (Oslo) have lost a whole bunch of classical buildings. I'm currently trying to make a page promoting the idea of rebuilding our lost architecture. I want to use examples from other countries to argue that it's possible to the same here in country.
I therefore have a few questions concerning how this is being done in other cities/countries:

Who pays for it?

Have you demolished post war buildings to rebuild the classical ones? I know that this was done with the Stadtschloss in Berlin, but are there any other examples from elsewhere?

Have you just rebuilt lost public buildings and old towns, or have you rebuilt old 19th century commercial buildings like the ones that have been lost in Oslo (see the link above)?

And have there been public debates about whether or not you should rebuild or is it just something everybody agrees on?

Btw: I'm interested in all examples of rebuilding I can get. Everything from the smallest bridge to rebuilding of whole cities. Post it up if you know about something. I would also appreciate if someone had pictures of rebuilding (both before and after) that I could use on my site as examples.

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Dresden is way to go:

Demolish of Polizei ugly soviet commieblock building to be repleced by something looking more classical:

... and I bet it isn't their last word :p
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