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who is the developer? ahh PPC ONE ESTATE pala. manila/quezon city/the-upper-class-phl-p-001bou

PPC One Estate

PPC One Estate Corporation is a 100% Filipino owned corporation established with a mission to serve the ever growing demand for world class office spaces and facilities in various parts of the country particularly for the BPO Industry.

The BPO Industry is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industry in the Philippines and is also one of the biggest provider of jobs for Filipinos for the past five years. The industry has been a significant contributor in the economic growth of the country and is poised to still grow by the next five to ten more years contributing more to the country’s GDP.

The BPO Industry in the Philippines started in 1992 with Accenture being the first to invest here in the country and a few years after Sykes Asia, eTelecare, PeopleSupport, The Convergys Corporation also opened several branches in various locations in the country.

In 2006, ePLDT Ventus was at the forefront of the local BPO landscape employing 11,000 people.

The Special Economic Zone Act of 1995, establishing the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, was passed by the Philippine Congress. This Act provided lower area requirements for developments and tax incentives making the country more attractive to foreign investors and allowing for a more vibrant BPO Industry.

With the country becoming an attractive location for foreign investors, in 2010 the country became the BPO capital of the world overpassing India with 525,000 people employed and with generated revenues of $8.9 Billion. In 2011, the BPO industry has contributed a total of 4.9% of the country’s GDP and is poised to grow further with a steady growth of 46% annually since 2006.

One of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors in the BPO Industry is the Information Technology -Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) Industry. This is composed of eight sub-sectors, namely, knowledge process outsourcing and back offices, animation, call centers, software development, game development, engineering design, and medical transcription.

The growth in the industry is further promoted by the Philippine government. BPO is highlighted by the Philippines Development Plan as among the 10 high potential and priority development areas. To further entice investors, government programs include different incentives such as tax holidays, tax exemptions, and simplified export and import procedures. Additionally, training is also available for BPO applicants.

Adding to this, our high literacy rates, English speaking population and highly skilled workers, we are the best choice for big foreign companies to establish their call center and other BPO related businesses. With the shift in the global economy, many US based and European corporations have outsourced to the Philippines as a viable alternative for their operations for them to remain competitive and to cut cost.

The Philippines is the 39th largest economy in the world and with this the country continues to be a very promising location for the BPO Industry. Just in August 2014, the Philippines hit an all-time high for employment in the BPO industry. From 101,000 workers in 2004, the labor force in the industry has grown to over 930,000 in just the first quarter of 2014.

For 2016, the BPO Industry is forecasted to generate 1 million new jobs and to grow by 17%.With the very bright forecast for the industry, the need for world class office spaces and facilities has also grown significantly with pocket developments sprouting in various parts of the country.

The continues growth of this industry has also fuelled the growth of the real estate industry as there is an ever increasing demand for providing up to date and world class facilities for BPO companies with easy access to public transportation.

The big growth in the BPO and real estate industries gave our founder and CEO Mr. Ronnie Co the vision of establishing PPC One Estate Corporation. With the mentioned significant growth in this industry, the increasing demand for big, wide open and world class standard office spaces has also grown. PPC One Estate Corporation is primarily focusing on the BPO industry to buy land, build BPO certified and PEZA accredited buildings and lease out to big multinational corporations in the BPO Industry.

Features of Buildings to be built by PPC One Estate Corporation:

We will be building high rise buildings with PEZA accreditation and with enough floor areas to meet the requirements of BPO companies. The buildings shall also be installed with state of the art data and voice facilities to fit the set-up of most BPO companies with ample parking spaces, accessible to public transportation along major thoroughfares for ease of access to BPO employees.

70% of BPO companies are based in Metro Manila and we are targeting prime locations within Metro Manila situated in major thoroughfares for ease of access and maximum visibility.

The typical PPC One Estate Building would have the ground floor allocated for major locators such fast food restaurants, coffee shops and major retailers such as 7-11, Watsons, Jollibee, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Max’s, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. All locators shall be entered into long term lease agreements of 3 to 5 years.

The higher floors will be allocated for major BPO companies with average floor leased at 3 to 4 floors per company. The average floor areas will be from 1,600 square meters to 2,000 square meters leased for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.
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