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QUEZÓN CITY | The Upper Class [26F|ofc]

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It's located in Quezon Ave cor. Sct. Reyes, before Cowboy Grill and infront of u/c Suntrust Amadea. 26 levels with a GLA of 24,600 sqm. Di ko nakunan ng pic ang site, pero they are now constructing the 2nd floor. It's a CLASS A office tower developed by PPC Estate. Monolith is the contractor in that project. Completion on 2019.

Details: manila/quezon city/the-upper-class-phl-p-001bou

Please contribute some pictures since medyo magandang development ito for that area. Ito pa lang ata ang unang Class A tower development sa Quezon Ave?
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Taken yesterday at Pantranco footbridge. According to a tarp placed in the fences, all of the units have been fully leased.

P.S. Patapos na ang tower, pero ang katapat na Suntrust Amadea hanggang ngayon nasa basement pa rin :eek:hno:
^^ Wow! This building totally flew under our radar after months and months of no updates! Thanks.

Though from what I remember, if coming from EDSA and traversing Quezon Avenue, its a bare walled blunder from that side...le sigh.
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February 2, 2020

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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