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Rêve (former aloft; 560 Front St W) | U/C | 14 st | Downtown / King West

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Starwood's aloft Hotel web site:

From Front St West looking north.

550 Wellington West crane visible in the background.

Sixty Lofts in the background on the right.
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August 11

From Front Street looking north, getting ready for the crane installation.

From Niagara looking south, the Panorama crane is visible in the background.

From Victoria Memorial Park.
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Does anyone think that Front west, West of Spadina has the potential to turn into a nice little neighbourhood?
I think so, if they get a little bit of non-harley davidson retail in the area. I walked through a little street with century row houses on either side and was blown away by how nice the area looked. If they could get a couple of coffee shops/neighbourhood establishments I could see that becoming a nice little neighbourhood.
The slaughterhouse needs to go first. This whole area smells horrible depending on when you're there.
October 28

The second crane has been installed. Looking south from Niagara.
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Where did you hear this. All far as I know this project is going forward.
I think Mr Mtrcycl should tell us more....
It seems like there are rumors of cancelled developments for just about every building going up in Toronto. I really think guys just get their jollies being a downer and casting doubt on all the new projects. I'll believe it, when I see real evidence.
March 14

Construction is reaching ground level on the north side.

From Front looking north.
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Change of status?

A friend who lives beside this development says they'd taken down one of the cranes - It's not nearly done - anyone know what's happenning here?

Toronto, Metro Toronto Reg ON NEGOTIATED/START
Rêve Condominium, 560 Front St, Portland Ave, M5V 1C1
$45,000,000 est
Start: April, 2010 Complete: October, 2011
Note: Gen Cont will award Sub trades sequentially through Summer, 2010 by invitation. All trades are expected to be in place June/July, 2010. Further update at that time.
Providence Energy Management Ltd is the LEED Consultant for the project.
Project: concrete foundation, concrete tilt-up structural frame, fuel fired heating system, environmentally friendly construction materials; low-volatile organic compound paints; construction of a 305 unit condominium building. The building will be 15-storeys in the front, and will step back to 9-storeys with rooftop garden terraces. Units will range in size from 490 to 1,455 sq ft. Amenities will include; 24-hour concierge service; a party lounge; meeting rooms; billiards room; theatre; yoga centre; sauna area; wellness centre and rooftop terraces; The project will aim to achieve LEED standards.
Scope: 405,000 square feet; 15 storeys; 2 storeys below grade; 305 units; parking for 400 cars; 4 acres
Development: New
Category: Apartment bldgs; Retail, wholesale services
First report Tue Nov 24, 2009.
This report Mon Apr 12, 2010.
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