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Part I : Vic-Bigorre

There's nothing in Sarriac but old people waiting for their grand-children to pay them a visit once a year.

The Pic du Midi de Bigorre is always looking on us.

Farms in decay or heavily repaired constitute the main landscape :

The architecture from the 60s was not that bad when it dealt with schools :

We reach Rabastens a once opulent market-town :

The metallic market on the main square :

Adjacent streets :

The hollow Church's plaza :

The main street going through the main square and which leads to the Gers département :

The Pyrenees in the distance with Christmas decorations (in May!):

The suburbs with houses on the Alaric Channel :

We leave Rabastens and enter briefly the Gers département with the village of Haget :

Abandoned farms everywhere :

We run parallel to the valley of the Arros river :

Beccas :

After ascending a hill, we come back to the Adour valley :

Ansost :

Liac :

Gensac :

We cross the Adour river : it's time to come back to Béarn (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) but before that are Nouilhan and some other villages

Caixon whose roofs are getting more Pyrenean :

The border between Bigorre and Béarn :

We reach Béarn with Labatut :

Monségur :

This is the type of houses that is being built nowadays : pure heresy.

We enter inner Béarn and here ends our tour.

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Bravo! :applause: Pictures are just great. The region looks very interesting.

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I love this kind of threads showing the countryside. The French villages seem to be emptier than the Spanish ones, but they have that nice French architecture (I expected more mansards though).
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