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This project is actually a part of PetroRabigh and is UC right now..

Rabigh Conversion Industrial Park (Rabigh CIP), sponsored by Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical, is an integrated industrial park located adjacent to PETRORabigh, a refining and petrochemical complex, in Saudi Arabia. Rabigh CIP is currently seeking tenants in the plastics conversion and related industries to fill 240 hectares of land. Rabigh CIP will provide fine infrastructure and services to tenants. The facility is located in Saudi Arabia which is ideal for plastics conversion and related industries because of its low energy and input costs, government incentives, economic and political stability.
Rabigh CIP is located conveniently adjacent to input supplies and several ports. Neighboring the Park is PETRORabigh which supplies inputs for the plastics conversion industry and will supply Rabigh CIP. The facility is within 180 km of King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jiddah Islamic Port (shipping) and the future site of the King Abdullah Economic City and Port. Its location is well suited for shipping to Europe, and the local region.

For more on the project visit:

my comment:
Finally, we started to see projects with high value-added products . We definitely need to have more conversion industries and just stop exporting our raw and basic materials and then import them with 10 times the value...As a chemical engineer, I am very proud and optimistic about the future of these types projects..
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