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Rachmaninov's Best of Mykonos Thread

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All shot by myself in late June. Enjoy!!!!
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WOW ... so now we have at least two HK forumers who visited Greece so far this year.
Ahhh, that super gay island in the Cyclades.
Mykonos is a nice island! :)
So beautiful..I love how everything's like white, looks very clean ;]
wow That's the "paradise on earth" :)
Thanks alot for this thread!
I hope you liked Mykonos and Greece! :cheers:
You're welcome!! ;)

Mykonos was very impressive :)
It definitely looks like Sidi Bou Said, next to Tunis.

But a little bit tidier and... hm more "gay" :D
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Can these be moved to the Urban Showcase section?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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