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I was in Fiji last week and the beginning of this week and it was an experience of a lifetime. I know Fiji has received a lot of bad press lately because of the Coup and the ousting of the New Zealand High Commissioner but truly, Fiji is looking better than ever. People are very open and friendly, Nadi Town offers culture such as the Hindu Temple and Fiji is generally becoming quite affordable to tourists.

This is a brand new hotel which opened up last Friday and I was lucky enough to get the honor to stay at this excellent hotel (I'm not promoting them here). Works are still not 100% completed as there is some work needed to be done to the landscaping. If you do have the chance to stay here, might I recommend that you try the Radisson Signature cocktail at the pool bar. The only disadvantage here is that prices for food and drink are very expensive which quite the contrary to the rest of Fiji. So expect to pay $9 for a fruit smoothie or $4 for a can of Pepsi.

Outside View of the hotel

Pool Bar

Orchard Bar

Can of Malaysian Pepsi (in Fiji?)

Villa and Guest room

Opening Ceremony for the Hotel which was attended by the Minister of Labor
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