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Hey everybody!

This is the first time I post into the African forums, i post mainly in Brazilian forums but I'm doing a research about Logistics and Infrastructure in Developing Countries, trying to identify points that possibly prevent these countries from growing and developing. One point that we have identified is railway transportation and, more specifically, shortage of railway sleepers to expand and maintain the existing lines.

I would to know if any of you mind answering some questions of our study. We are trying to get an overview of the sleeper market in Africa and how railway operators and works contractors are dealing with this market.

I'm posting a short list of questions. If you don’t know all the questions, there is no problem. Answer what you are able to. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me, or direct me to someone that can help me with that!

The questions:
Which kind of sleepers are most used in Africa?
Are the wood sleepers made of native or reforestation wood?
Where are the sleepers manufacturers from?
What about the raw material used by the African manufacturers? Is the material acquired from local suppliers or imported?
Is there any legislation which prevent foreign companies to install a sleeper factory in your country or other African country?
What is the demand forecast for sleepers in Africa) for the next years? Is it expected to growth?
Do you think that will be a shortage of sleepers in the following years?

Thanks a lot for your help!
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