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Hi there,

As a part of a larger project that will be made public, I am currently investigating projects in Poland.
Do you know any recent large-scale projects built on (or adjacent to) railway stations there?

The following criteria are important for my research:
total project's costs is 100 Million Euro+, and city size is 100,000+ inhabitants.
The project should be located at (or near) major rail stations and relatively new (built in the last 20 years, alternatively under construction, or at least approved).

Links to external sources, like news articles or official websites, are most welcome!

Thank you so much for your help!!! :)

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Lots of stuff going on.

Check Galeria Krakowska built few years ago near Krakow's main railway station. The station itself is undergoing a redevelopment right now. Cost was at least 250 milion euro (if I remember correctly).

Main stadion in Katowice is getting a makover as well. Large shopping center adjacent to the station plus overall remodelling of existing infrastructure. Costs also over 250 milion euro. It's currently U/C.

Main station in Poznan is also changing and soon should be U/C. Completely new rail terminal plus standard retail/leisure mix nearby. Costs also at least 100 mil for the station and several hundred mil for other stuff.

Wroclaw's station is being refurbished right now too. Cost 100 mil dollars, office park will be added nearby later.

All stations will function as multimodal communication gateways linking rail, tram, bus and even airport services together.

You can find these projects discussed on the forum in their respective threads.

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Just next to railway stations?
Big ones in Warsaw, but I am unsure if for all of them cost is >E100M
Next to Central Station:
* Złote Tarasy shopping center (next to / connected to the station)
* Złota 44 apartment building (underway... kind of :nuts:)
* Intercontinental Hotel (about 1 block away)
* Rondo1 (it's borderline in terms of location, about 2 blocks away)
* Warsaw metro line (also about 2 blocks away)
Next to "Wileńska" Station
* shopping center (part of the station, not sure about the value)
Next to "Gdańska" Station
* metro line (directly connected to rail station)
* Arkadia shopping center (about 2 blocks away from the station)
* some significant housing developments in the area, but probably values for each development under E100M, hard to tell
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